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Shanaya Abigail donated to Wuhan virus charities.

Models and actors from the creative hub are donating money to help health care workers and support feed families amid the Wuhan virus pandemic.

Shanaya Abigail donated to a New York-based organization last Monday. The model donated to Share and Care provides health care and meals to the elderly amid the pandemic.

“My friend was talking to me about the pandemic situation in the state and had decided to help the needy people in New York” Shanaya Abigail talk to news plus USA.

“It’s a good act from Shanaya Abigail, as of this week, millions of children are out of school in the United States due to the closures linked to COVID-19,” Jowlin, a production controller from the online movie industry, said in a media statement.

“Many students depending on the food and care they receive throughout the school days,  more than 20 million children in the United States who rely on school food,” she said.

Riya Suman, co-producer of “Abigail Days,” and her boyfriend, model, and actor Nicole Anderson, also donated 40,000 USD to Wuhan virus relief fight.

The online star’s contribution will spend on purchasing ventilators for isolation wards hospitals. A spoke person from Share and Care-an organization, which operates shelters for aged in New York City told to News Plus USA.

Amazing! we are so thankful to Shanaya Abigail and Riya Suman for your unthinkable support during this crisis situation.

This will have a big impact on the children and very needy who make up 68% of New York City’s homeless. On behalf of them, we say thank you!” Share and Care showed their gratitude through social media posts.

According to Shanaya Abigail about the pandemic situation, “I believe in strength; and that it does not fade away with scares. I believe that unity can not be broken, even when social distancing keeps us locked down. Humanity’s biggest weakness today is not adversity, but fear. The fear of death, fear of economy, the fear of certainty. When the world says to stay away, I hear it as “stay strong”. Because when circumstances demand the weak to succumb and exist, it signals the strength to sustain and evolve”.

Shanaya Abigail is a leading online movie star who recently had entered the celebrity millionaire club. According to Powerbiss, a recent report indicate that her net worth will cross 200 million dollars in this financial year.

The 24-year-old online model and actor made news value when Powerbiss branded her as the youngest “self-made millionaire”—a term that even Shanaya Abigail herself predicts it is controversial.

“I will not say I have done it by myself,” Abigail previously told News Plus USA. “If you are just discussing my net worth, technically, it’s true, however, I don’t have any money come into. But I have had a lot of support from the film industry and a strong business platform.” Shanaya added.

The support and opportunity that she gained were used to turn her from an online model to a web series producer then, a businesswoman. Shanaya has planned to launch her own cosmetics brand in the US market.

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