Developing creative writing skills in children.

Developing creative writing skills in children.
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Creative writing is more of a learned quality than something an individual is born with. Children are born with a lot of imagination. However, it requires practice, expression abilities, and language skills to skillfully express the imagination into creative writing. These are the things that need to be developed. That’s why they are often taught in a creative writing class in primary schools. The sooner these skills start to be developed the better. As a parent or teacher, you can help the children develop these skills in a quick and efficient manner.

Following are some tips to develop creative writing skills in children:

Develop Their Language Skills


Many parents refrain from teaching their children certain words because they think that they may be too difficult for their children. However, most healthy children are very eager to learn and they have a great sense of language. So, it is recommended that you tell them new words on a regular basis with meaning in easy to understand language. You can use the new words in sentences as well as by using objects that are around the children. This is the best way to teach the meaning of a new word. This gives them a clearer perspective of the word, its meaning, and its usage. Children learn new words really fast and begin using them in their language.

Hone Their Imagination

Encourage your children to imagine. It’s easier said than done since it requires a lot of investment of time and patience. However, this is one of the best things you can do for your children. So, encourage them to express their imagination in language. This should be in the verbal form initially and once they learn to write, it is recommended that you encourage them to write down a short passage about whatever they are imagining.


Children usually have a great imagination. What may appear imaginary to you may be very real to them. So, try to reach out to their imaginary world and you will be surprised by what you find there. By doing this, you will get amazing insights into your children’s minds as well.

Develop Their Written Expression

It is usually seen that everyone likes to tell a story but only a few can express it in written format. The reason behind it is that their written expression has never been properly developed. Telling the children to write down anything that they are willing to tell you is the best way to develop creative writing. It may be small but it will still develop the creative writing expression of the children. It is recommended that you do this as a conscious exercise on a regular basis. You should also keep a journal of all that your children write as most classes of creative writing for primary school do. This will develop into a very interesting database over a period of time.


Developing creative skills in children requires commitment and time from your end. If you spend the time and follow the above-mentioned tips diligently, you will surely teach your children great creative writing skills.

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