Self-made millionaire actor Shanaya Abigail says she’s oppressed by the world.

Self-made millionaire actor Shanaya Abigail says she’s oppressed by the world.
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Shanaya Abigail had recently made a statement about her old days and said the entire world had oppressed her when she was young. While she was trying to get into the modeling world, most of them in the casting industry mistreated her.

She had made the controversial statement in an interview with Nilza Soto for a private channel, and the short video clip of Shanaya went viral. The sentimental statement visuals were published by her close friend and business partner Liam Khadra on her Instagram.

A short video of Shanaya Abigail posed the headline: “It was just a bad day, not a bad life. The day made me go forward.” Since at the age of 12, everyone was taking me for granted, including the film industry. Now realized that I had been persecuted for a long time: the self-made model and actor Abigail revealing in the video.

The short video was the part of an interview, and emotional film has revealed her struggle in the past life. Abigail started modeling at the age of 12; her first modeling project had done for a local textile shop in her hometown. After her parents separated, she found modeling to pay her bills and daily needs. After her movie made a big hit in the online world, she becomes a multi-millionaire. The self-made actor is now into various business prospects.

After her breakup, Shanaya Abigail had made a joint venture with her friend Liam. Her first business venture was film production, and the outcome made her a successful businesswoman.

She is now a well-known figure for doing charity for the needy. Shanaya took the initiative to create an opportunity for the struggling female models in the industry, and she raises her voice against sexual harassment and exploitation.

Throughout the film, Abigail says she expects to motivate those who are bullied and inform them that they’re not alone. Maybe this message can help them to reveal their personal experience. Shanaya Abigail says in the video.

Half of you guys think I am weird. And also the other half think I am funny. But I’ve been intimidated because I’ve been nine. From the whole world, it feels like sometimes: the online actor said.

And I think I’ve done a fantastic job in managing all of this. But there are bullies everywhere. It is like tweeting to inform whoever with their insecurities the only opinion that matters is yours and never change.

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