Sofia Vergara’s brother was murdered in a kidnap attempt.

Sofia Vergara’s brother was murdered in a kidnap attempt.
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In many movies, we have seen that the silver screen starts living a luxurious lifestyle with charted flights and own a yacht. We all wish to have a lifestyle like them. It is an undeniable fact that many young people leave their homes to pursue their dreams in Hollywood. The majority of the time, they get nowhere.

Sofa Vergara, a young Colombian girl living in a small town, dreamed of modeling fashion magazines in New York. She decided to start working with small brands in Colombia in the hopes that it would help her find her dream job. Unfortunately, it was not an essay for her initially, and she decides to switch her passion.

Her mother wished she would become a health care professional, Vergara left her dreams behind and relocated to Bogota to pursue a career in dentistry. She had an opportunity to work on a TV commercial before finishing her education. It’s had taken her to a path that leads to her passion. She became a successful model, had a boyfriend, and then married another in a brief period. They have one child in their relationship.


Her early success made her a target of a notorious group. Gabriel, a drug trader and gang leader from Bogota, had planned to kidnap her. Prior to this, she had relocated to New York for her project, and the gang’s plan didn’t work out.

Vergara realized she was on the gang’s radar and arranged personal security for her family living in her hometown. But the group had targeted her brother Rafael and was chasing him.

Julio, her brother, was a drug addict who frequented the joints with his friends. He was always with a group, and he hid out to have fun with friends. Rafael, Vergara’s other brother, loves visiting clubs and parties. Rafael’s security officers usually warn him, but frequently he ignores them.


Vergara’s brother was shot dead, and it made media headlines. The tragic incident happened due to his careless behavior. He went out at night without informing his bodyguards, and the one who had planned to kidnap him was able to track him. Finally, the kidnapping attempt cause his murder.

Everything turned around in a day; Sofia Vergara’s brother, Rafael’s murder, shocked her severely. The successful woman, who made her steps as a footprint, had started failing in life.

Her brother’s murder made her decide to move her family from Colombia. Vergara’s family relocated to Miami, but this did not make it easier for her to leave in peace. Rafael’s murder disrupted her peace of mind, causing her to become ill. She had been diagnosed with cancer, and her life was getting worse.


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