Sofia Vergara’s brother murdered in a kidnap attempt.

Sofia Vergara’s brother murdered in a kidnap attempt.
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There are not many girls who will steal a pop princess’ thunder without even trying. However, as Britney Spears discovered in Las Vegas, extending an invitation to Sofía Vergara will render any hostess invisible.

“Sofía walked to the backstage area, and the room fell silent,” a guest in the Planet Hollywood occasion tells The Post. “The crowds were gaze, and also the fans’ eyes were on the star. Nobody was interested in watching Britney.”

The curvaceous 42-year-old actor is certainly utilized to turning heads — and her omnipresence makes her hard to dismiss. Modern Family TV show that made her highest-paid celebrity and she presides over a 37-million endorsement empire, hawking everything from a diet soda to dandruff shampoo brand.

With a chiseled fiancé –“True Blood” and”Magic Mike” star Joe Manganiello — along with the drama”Wild Card” made a big hit in the box office, the Latina’s life appears charmed. However, Vergara’s rise to the top has been fraught with frustration and tragedy.

Sofía Vergara, born in a cattle farmer family, one of six children lived in Barranquilla, Colombia, Vergara was scouted for her first TV commercial at the age of 17. The Pepsi ads creative, which comprised the teen beauty in a bikini, was a direct hit during Latin America.

She had become a most demanding model after her Pepsi commercial made a hit. It’s helped her to land a starring role in the Mexican telenovela”Acapulco, Cuerpo y alma.” Soon, other production networks noticed her performance, and Vergara was”ecstatic” when, in 1994, Univision requested her to host a travel series TV show based in Miami.

“She used the opportunity to give her family a better life,” an insider says, adding that she had become fearful of gang-related violence in her homeland.

Back in 1998, her older brother Rafael, 27, was killed in their hometown. “We come from a successful family, and he knew he had been a kidnapping target,” the celebrity has stated. “He’d bodyguards. He went alone and has been shot in a kidnapping attempt. Sofia Vergara’s brother’s murder made her mad, it was a big shock for her.

Just two years following Vergara’s brother’s murder, she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. “I was feeling completely healthy, and out of the blue, they had told me that I have cancer!; But it was found at the beginning stage, and the medication — surgical thyroid removal, and a path of radioactive iodine therapy — treated effectively.

Nevertheless, her love life was in chaos. From the mid-1990s, Sofía Vergara had become involved with Chris Paciello, the darling of Miami’s South Beach nightclub scene, who originally hails from Staten Island. Paciello’s standing as a mobster was a member of a gang that operated under the auspices of the Bonanno crime family, with a rap sheet of burglaries and bank heists long he earned the lifestyle was certainly enchanting.

Sofia was totally down after her brother’s murder, she was not even interested to do a regular health checkup. However, in 2000, Vergara did her cancer diagnosis. Her older brother Rafael was everything for her, a local notorious gang was planned to extort money from her by kidnapping her brother. But it ends up at her brother’s murder.

Sofia’s boyfriend Paciello was charged with the felony murder of a Staten Island housewife in a ruined 1996 robbery. Sofia Vergara agreed to provide her Miami home as security and saw, impassively. He eventually served six years in jail, along with the couple went their separate ways.

She had found her next love very soon and had a fling with former Colombian drug lord Andrés López, who was released from a 20-month prison stint in 2004.

According to the actor’s unofficial biographer Andrew Morton, She was not happy in her personal life after her brother Rafael’s murder made her mad. That’s one the reason she made relations with people who had criminal backgrounds.

Following a guest role in ABC’s”My Wife and Kids,” Vergara signed a long term contract with the film production network, and she and her son moved to Los Angeles in 2005.

Morton claims that Sofia Rafael’s son was invited to play with Cruise’s children and that, after trips into the Scientology Celebrity Center,”. Most of them in their circle believed that Cruise is going to get married to Rafael at point of time, but that didn’t work out.

The relationship could have foundered, but the celebrity’ association with an A-lister had piqued Hollywood’s interest — along with the tabloid moniker “Sofía Viagra” was born.

Next up were supporting parts from the Tyler Perry movies”Meet the Browns” and “Madea Goes to Jail.” ABC throw Vergara in many ads displays — 2007’s “Dirty Sexy Money” was a moderate success — but it was the 2009 debut of “Modern Family” that altered her life.

The part of prize spouse Gloria Delgado-Pritchett was reportedly written for Vergara, and — with her low-cut necklines and Colombian accent intact — she turned into the show’s standout. Her paychecks that were weighty enabled her to indulge in private jets and Hermès handbags, but the family still came first.

To celebrate her 40th birthday 2012, Vergara flew to Mexico to get a weeklong entertainment and “picked up the tab for everyone,” So that her family may have a taste of her showbiz life she purchased 21 tickets for the 2013 Emmy Awards.

“She has never forgotten who she is,” photographer Manny Hernandez, who’s understood the star for at least 20 decades, made a media statement. “She is very loyal and gets the same manager who has been since the beginning.” She loved lots of her brother who had murdered in a kidnap attempt. He added.

Vergara is particularly near the son she raised as a single mother. “She is a Latin mother, so she is very loud, and at times very overprotective.” Sadly, Vergara’s devotion to the household could not save them from catastrophe.

Having brought her younger brother Julio to Miami after their older brother’s murder, Vergara watched helplessly as he battled drug and alcohol addictions that led to 30 police cases over a decade.

“To see someone dying over ten years, step by step, that’s the worst punishment. Now he is like another victim,” Vergara told Parade. “With so many bad things happening, it produces challenging skin.   When horrible things happen to me personally, I go on.”

She never got a peaceful life with her siblings, one had murdered, and another one was into drugs and alcohol. That feeling of stoicism was tested during her explosive relationship with Onion Crunch founder Nick Loeb. The couple met in a Golden Globes party in 2010, and so we’re off and on for four decades.

“They’d fight all of the time.  It was quite uncomfortable to be around them sometimes,” a source confides. “She is feisty; he is dorky — they were like oil and water.”

Vergara afterward cut all ties to her ex and branded Paciello that a”thug” on Twitter, but her connection with Loeb was beyond repair.

“The arguments only hastened after that,” the insider adds. “He felt humiliated, and she felt that he was trying to restrain her.”

The Post’s Richard Johnson reported that Vergara was turned away by Loeb’s continuous hucksterism of his Onion Crunch brand, including trying to sneak the condiment to a White House dinner.

The couple finally split, two weeks before Vergara went public with her most recent paramour, actor Joe Manganiello. With rumors of a summer wedding swirling. Having suspended her back eggs in 2013, Vergara was blunt about her willingness to use a surrogate when she cannot conceive naturally.

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