Abigail Ratchford a social media influencer builds brands.

Abigail Ratchford a social media influencer builds brands.

Nowadays many youths think as they are doing hard work and get underpaid, often quite rightly. Some creative people are currently making an excellent fortune through the internet. Actor and model Abigail Ratchford is an ideal example of it. She made $900,00 last year by posting photos and live videos of herself on Instagram and other social media platforms.

Nowadays it’s important to think while spending time on social media, how time can convert into money? According to Abigail Ratchford, it’s elementary to know how to use social platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat. Place your work-out clothes on, spend some time in rush hour and listen to your followers- talk to them about your dress code or maybe about some makeup products, and eventually, you will have accrued a minimum of $10,000.

Meanwhile, Abigail Ratchford whips on a camouflaged in a beachwear, gets her partner to take a picture, sets it on Insta with the caption talking about her dress, and has never been one to mix in’, she just earned $6,300 in an Instagram show. Interesting, right?

This version has made millions of dollars, just because launching her career as a model and making through calendar shoots and brand deals- talking about it on social media.

Ratchford said she never planned to be on this profession; instead, it took her off to the lead- pics of her went viral on social networking, and it helped her to build a huge fan base on the internet. On a fashion event speaking to a local media, she opened: “It just happened like that, fortunately by accident; I have done some beachwear shoot with my mobile phone, and by accident, those pics went up in a viral platform and connected me a great deal of attention.”

“I had focused on building followers after the pics have gone viral, and I realized I could make a good amount of money using online networking and associating with brands. I decided to move forward”. Abigail Ratchford added.

After developing a robust social media platform, Ratchford transferred to LA in 2015 and has short videos for Esquire and Maxim. Her better-half has also helped her to get a host of brand deals.

Brand engagement deals come in through my online profiles that messages go right to my manager to evaluate and fix the deal, who subsequently negotiates and locks it all in. He understands well the things that I’m interested in to associate, so that is what he’ll often pursue.

“I have engaged with brands in a category such as skincare, beauty, cosmetics, fashion, some mobile apps, and all the brands I have promoting, which I would love to use in my healthy life. Because of my fan and followers, I’m in a position to charge a certain amount when I endorse a brand association, and I have signed contracts with Ignite and Fashion Nova a month”. Abigail Ratchford added.

Yah, and also, my yearly calendar does not hurt the old purse either. Once my calendar drops In June, I create close to $700000. She added.

For the successful live track, Abigail Ratchford seems to mark it down not to entertain negative commenters and practice working on whiteboards. She elaborated a little more- draft a clear vision to focus and note down all enormous goals you wish to gain and convert them into smaller ones.

“I have started experimenting on a whiteboard. I write my goals out. Always connect with only the right people, be pleasant to everyone you associated with for your work, build strong professional and personal relationships, do not entertain haters, it’s just white noise, cancel it out and move forward, have tunnel vision in your goals and dreams”. She added.

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