Shanaya Abigail and Liam Khadra’s Makeup Collaboration Will Get Your Glam Needs to be Covered.

Shanaya Abigail and Liam Khadra’s Makeup Collaboration Will Get Your Glam Needs to be Covered.
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Beauty fans, rejoice! Shanaya Abigail is currently stepping to the cosmetics business world, new business alliance Shanaya started with her film mate. Actor Abigail’s fans have something to celebrate, other than her movies!

On Monday afternoon, Shanaya Abigail made the extraordinary announcement that she’s releasing a cosmetics brand with her film production partner Liam Khadra. Both are business associates in film production and distribution since 2016.

Unique products, Shanaya Abigail, started her Instagram campaign and a short film introducing their product packaging. She uses social networking websites for marketing her new videos as well.

“Can’t believe that I am finally announcing the next generation collection of Salk Cosmetics… and it’s with my filmmaker partner Liam!” Shanaya Abigail posted on her social media account.

The beauty queen-Shanaya added- “The Salk Cosmetics production has found on June 25th! We’ve been dreaming up this for quite some time, and I hope you guys will love it!” 

Fans of the actor did not have to wait for too long to determine the next generation makeup collection entailed. The 23-year-old model and actor Shanaya Abigail revealed the product with a hipe in her Instagram Stories.

“Thank you for supporting our branded cosmetics designer collection,” She marked on her twitter page. We’ve been dreaming about the collection for ages. We can not wait for you to fall in love with what we created.” She added.

 The position statement about the product of Shanaya Abigail and Khadra’s latest cosmetics collection is viral by now. Both are using their social media accounts to build the brand.

Additionally, Shanaya continued to discuss more interesting facts about the new cosmetics business venture and expressed that Shanaya Abigail was so excited to finally show her fans what she has been working on.

“We did a photoshoot for the product packaging, possibly a couple of decades back. Almost a year ago, so long, I had been so excited to collaborate with my friend finally. We hired one of the best design studios for the packaging, I want the best creative for it. ”she went on. 

So I’m quite happy to show you this; eventually, it has been pushed back a lot. Shanaya Abigail added.

“We are getting lip gloss apparel to the US market. I’ve never done any cosmetic business before, three face sticks–bronzer, highlight, and blush. This fantastic quality powder along with a beautiful eye shadow palette”, Abigail said as she shared with the products which are going to have featured from the group before going to swatch the item.

It is not the first time Shanaya Abigail has partnered with her friend. In the past, she’s started a film production house with Liam Khadra. Last September, the young actor went outside the friend circle and collaborated with fashion designer Sophia Charlotte to a Balmain makeup line that fell through NY Fashion Week. Sadly, Shanaya could not show off her makeup collection on the NY runway after being hospitalized.

“Hello, friends! So as you know, I was getting ready to go to NY for the Charlotte show at NY Fashion Week for the launch of my cosmetics verients”. It was another statement by Shanaya Abigail on Instagram. The web series video actor Shanaya shared with her fans. 

“I’m heartbroken to be missing you guys, but I know that my fantastic group will help me be there in spirit.” Creating this designer collection, together with Charlotte, was a fantasy; she continued.


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