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Beware of the Fanmoby service; it can scam you.

Scams and fraud have increased in frequency in recent years. One of the latest scams is Fanmoby. It is a fake message that claims it provides an important service for your mobile. Many people have received subscription notification messages from Fanmoby Service on their mobile devices, and government officials have warned about the new scam. Be cautious and stay away from it. You will not even realize the way they steal your money.

Recent events in the Gulf countries have shown that people are now receptive to messages from Fanmoby. The scammers have been able to effectively communicate with people in the region and have been able to steal their useful information. This is a big trap for the recivers, and they may be another victim.

A businessman in Dubai recently received a message on his phone stating that a Fanmoby plan had been activated and would cost AED 7 per week. However, the message has an option to unsubscribe from the activation.

Unfortunately, his attempt to cancel the Fanmoby subscription resulted in him stealing his personal and sensitive information from his mobile phone. He only realized it after the scammer allegedly transferred AED 3,000 from his bank account.

After receiving the complaint, Dubai police warned people about such scammers and released a public awareness campaign. Many such cases have been reported from other parts of the Middle East as well.

A cybercrime-fighting team has announced that spam messages can be used to collect personal information in other ways, such as through lotteries, coupon draws, spot immigration, investments, and loans.

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