Harvard business school online courses.

Harvard business school online courses.

The online credential of the readiness program will prepare you to contribute to business discussions and decision-making, whether you are looking to advance your career in business management, considering Harvard business school online courses, or exploring new career ways. Master Business necessities in Business Analytics, Economics for Managers, and Financial Accounting with Harvard Business School online program.

Harvard online courses consist of three major—Business Analytics, Economics for Managers, and Financial Accounting. A final examination will conduct at the end of the program. Immerse yourself in real business challenges faced by seasoned global leaders across a range of industries, develop business intuition through online learning exercises, and be part of a global business community of peers. As in the global business, you’ll be evaluated on the quality standard and timeliness of your work and your innovative contributions to the learning community.

Business Analytics – Harvard online course

> Develop a strong data mindset.
> Analyze, interpret data and transform into business choices.
> Progress from basic descriptive statistics to specialized regression analysis.
> Implement analytical techniques into business in excel.
> Apply Harvard course ideas through real-world examples, like website A/B testing, using sampling to envision predicting sales, warehouse inventory, and forecasting staffing needs and recruiting.

Economics for Managers – Harvard online course

> Develop effective pricing methods and strategies according to market trends and competitions.
> Understand powerful analytical tools such as relative cost analysis and conjoint analysis and implement it into a business model.
> Identify multiple sources of competitive advantage through differentiation.
> Apply course ideas in the context of growing online retail & wholesale merchant, an events ticket broker, a multinational online publishing company, a mobile app for an education institute and other business firms.

Financial Accounting – Harvard online course
> Unlock strategic insights into business performance and potential through financial statements.
> Understand each US GAAP and IFRS accounting standards and method.
> Prepare and evaluate financial forecasts for the business plan.
> Value a venture, project, or investment opportunity and create perform based sensitivity analysis.
> See how financial managers, Wall Street analysts, and business entrepreneurs use accounting to drive strategic decision-making.

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