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Meet Minenhle Pierre, web hosting affiliate, who made $39 million.

Minenhle Pierre is a web hosting affiliate marketer and becomes an activist at her 25, from Grahamstown, South Africa, again in the headlines for donating her fortune to develop African nations. Minenhle is the top affiliate marketer who specialized in selling web hosting.

For the last 7 years, she is doing affiliate business focused on selling web hosting. She started doing charity activity for African kids at her young age, and to mobilize funds for her activates, Minenhle started doing affiliate marketing during her school days. News plus team catch her at Boksburg, and she shared her thoughts with us.

What is next? Minenhle, you donated all most everything you earned.

See, I had started working while I study to feed the needy. So it’s no matter what I have done, whatever I make, I will keep donating. I have an apparent objective about my future, and I believe that I was born to help the needy.

Are you going to shift your focus area into charity?

Not much. I need to balance both at this point. My vision should not stop the lack of money, and for that, I need to do more hard work. May be more creative ideas to sell web hosting space.

How come you are into a web hosting affiliate?

I am an IT dropout student! While I was at the study, I am into blogging as well, and it helped me meet my bills. Gradually I focused more on it, so I can help the people to feed the kids. In a concise time span, I had achieved goals, and some of my friends also want to make money through blogging and started asking me for tips. That led me to a web hosting affiliate and started sharing blogging ideas with the affiliate link.

For its given a clear track to grow as a web hosting-based affiliate marketer, in the beginning, I was taking care of domain registration as well. But later, I had realized that selling web hosting can take me places. Before taking a web hosting platform into my affiliate sales funnel, I will make sure it should offer the buyer some unique features.

Other affiliate marketers also doing web hosting sales, how did you make this massive success?
Nothing to hide. Smartly do little hard work, you can gain it. I was so passionate about generating online leads, and I was getting better results, and that drives me to work more on it. I used my personal blog to drive traffic to the web hosting seller. As you know, I am very active on twitter, and it helped me lot generate traffic to the website. More traffic means more business!

My first article about the best web hosting service providers is the most winning one. I had updated a few times according to the current market trends. Nowadays, cloud hosting has more demand because it loads the website fast at all locations. If your website is not loading in 3 seconds, you will lose 70 % of your business. Heavy traffic website such as online shopping sites prefers a dedicated hosting or cloud hosting.

So you are focused on selling cloud hosting?
Not only cloud hosting. Business hosting and shared hosting also have in my sales kit. I give a perfect hosting solution for my clients instead of just selling a website. I use my creativity to design solutions that can manage the heavy traffic.

Tel me an approach that did not work as well as the way it expected?

There was a lot. I consider that it was my experiments and learning. As an affiliate marketer, you should not try to sell everything. Focus on a product or service that you are confident in it; that approach gives you growth. A focused goal will take you places.

Minenhle, any advice to the new bloggers?

Let’s create good stuff and focus on what you are doing. Don’t look for any shortcuts to get money.

What is your next plan?
In the coming future want to generate fund to build more schools in Africa. A new educated generation to make a better world.

Minenhle Pierre inspires many in different ways; everyone is interested in her charity work and the dedication she put into it. Her life inspires some as a successful affiliate marketer if it inspires you, feel free to share this article to support Minenhle to achieve her vision.

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