If you are using the WordPress platform for your website, then this article is for you.

If you are using the WordPress platform for your website, then this article is for you.
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Now days designing and developing a website is elementary. Most web designers have adapted to WordPress as their website developing platform. WordPress has a 23% market share in today’s web world, and the fast-growing web platform introduced a specialized hosting platform for exclusive WordPress website designs.

According to a web developer, WordPress is an excellent web platform and easy to designs with plugins. Easy to develop the content management system and make admin users manage the website backend. Unfortunately, everyday webmasters facing security issues, and it is growing day-by-day. Sometimes the security thread leads to damage to the website design and its contents.

Let’s look at some safety precautions for WordPress websites.


Use only reliable WordPress plugins.

Most of the plugin has a free and paid version, and all of them give the liberty to use for personal and commercial use. When it comes to working with a large user profile, you have to update to a paid version. In WordPress, thousands of plugins are available for many usages; before installing any plugin, check the reviews; using reliable plugins will help you keep your website safe from URL injections.

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Secure your backend login


This is the common mistake; usually, webmasters make with WordPress websites. Developers keep common passwords such as “Admin” during the website design process. After the project delivery, the website owners can change it, but they keep it the same. It is the biggest threat to your web safety, and a web hacker can get the website backend access.

As a webmaster, the first thing you should change the backend login user name to a secured one. If someone is trying to get access to your WordPress website backend, the hacker tries a common username such as Admin, Office, Test, etc… Once this section is figuring out by them means half of their job is done. They will also realize you are much bothered about the website security, and they use all easy technique to steal your password, and most of they will succeed in it. 

Always make sure you have changed your backend admin section username and password for web security.


Limit the plugin usage

Using too many plugins can affect the website loading speed. You may be having a dedicated server or cloud hosting, but your website takes a long time to load; the main reason for it is the usages of so many plugins in the WordPress platform.

There are other risk factors as well in installing too many plugins. Some plugins are not coded well in the development stage and installing such plugins can create a bug on the website. Some plugins created based on an old version of WordPress and many of them are not available to upgrade; in this case, it affects the performance of the website. Sometimes it causes a website down and not available for its visitors.

As you keep adding new plugins into the WordPress dashboard for each function, it takes time to load, and the website loading speed will be reduced. In the Google webmaster tool, it’s a serious issue, and it can get penalized by search engines, and your website content may not index in the search results.

Important WordPress plugins

Here is the list of necessary and important plugins list to add to your dashboard to make the website better.

Elementor– is one of the best tools for designing web pages.

Yoast SEO– It’s helpful to get your web pages to get index in search engines very fast.

Autoptimize– This WordPress plugin support to reduce the image size and boost page loading speed. This also supports to optimize the text and data to reduce the page size.

Classic Editor– It’s a text editor plugin and gives a more powerful tool to set the blog pages.

Now you can have optimization on the WordPress plugin after analyzing the user review. Remove the unwanted plugins from the list and keep the best for your website in good health.

Use the best website hosting server.
We know there are many hosting resellers in the industry and the usages of law quality servers penalize website security. Move your web hosting server to a trustable and reliable service provider. Nowadays, webmasters receive multiple offers from web hosting provider’s emailers, and all of them claim they are the only ones providing web hosting security, but the truth is not fruitful.

Before choosing a web hosting service provider, select the one who has a good name in the industry. If you think your website will gain a large volume of traffic, then it’s better to go for cloud or dedicated hosting.

A few web hosting service providers who have enough positive reviews are GoDaddy, A2Hosting, BlueHost, Hostinger, etc…

Do regular website audit.
It will help the webmaster to understand all traffic sources and status. Nowadays, URL injection is a common issue facing by WordPress website owners. The sad thing is after the search engine penalizes your website and your keyword ranking move down, you will realize your website had attached by malware.

A regular website audit with SEO tools will help you understand your website’s safety and health. Regular checking on internal and sub-links can help you to keep your website safe.

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