Free Hosting vs Paid- What’s the Real Fact?

Free Hosting vs Paid- What’s the Real Fact?

When establishing a website for your small-time outlet or a home-based e-commerce business, odds are you will be searching for the best web hosting option available. In the end, when establishing a brand or business, you must keep your investments as low as possible so that you can maximize marketing opportunities to grow. 

When you begin searching for cheap web hosting solutions, you might be amazed to discover a free hosting platform with a unique domain name! The offer is really tempting to register for a free web hosting deal but is there a catch? 

How can we know what the best hosting solution for a small-time startup business is? Here are a couple of ideas that will help you get the best web hosting and domain deal. 

Before you go forward to buy a web hosting deal, you must know the technical side of web hosting and its functions. It would be best if you started with a domain name associated with your brand or business name. One your website is designed in Html, you need to have a web hosting space to upload it and go live. 

Web hosting for online business

Look over your company’s objectives, strategies, and business goals; a corporate website should have reflected the business model and services. A well-designed website can create a high profile business image. If you are planning to sell your products through a website, it should be easy to use and well versed with all operating platforms, such as mobile and tab.

In the beginning, ask yourself the way the website can allow you to attain these things. Answering this question can let you define your targets and objectives for the website. When you understand what purpose you want the website to function, it will allow you to opt for an ideal and best web hosting choice. 

By way of instance, if you are planning to sell training conventions, then you probably need to use the website as an advertising tool to draw more clients. You might also want your subscribers to have the ability to download the online programs which you’re selling or have the option to register for a forum or newsletter. These might be attributes beyond the potential of web hosting offers if you know which choices you want to appear. In this case, some points to notice are your web hosting should allow enough space to upload video contents—also, enough bandwidth and high speed to load video content very fast.

Suppose you are planning to start online shopping. The scenario will be different because the shopping website needs a payment gateway and backend to manage all inventory and product updates. A dedicated web hosting is essential to handle high volume web traffic and perform a secure payment platform. A dedicated hosting or cloud hosting is ideal for this.

As a general guideline, dedicated hosting is intended to cater to big companies’ requirements with prolonged budgets. They have many fantastic features but using a home-based business, you’re not likely to take advantage of those. A small company cannot justify the expense of owning a dedicated web hosting. 

Shared web hosting is a less expensive alternative and typically what’s contained with free hosting provides. Each website operates completely independently; however, all of them share the same host tools. As a result, there could be limits on the quantity of web hosting space you’re allocated.

Free web hosting vs. paid hosting

Some hosting service providers give free web hosting for startup companies with limited service. Most of them offer very little server space in a shared web hosting platform. Hostinger, Freehostia, Free hosting, Wix, Wpbeginner, etc. are examples of a free hosting and domain name.

Paid web hosting have enough option to choose. We can have a hosting plan according to our business purpose. In this, you can select a web hosting platform based on the design that you made. 

Windows hosting for based website designs and Linux for Php. Nowadays, dedicated hosting space available for WordPress based designs.

Business hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated servers are high-end web hosting platforms for e-commerce websites, and large web portals have demanding traffic. Reseller hosting is an ideal option for website developers. Godaddy, A2hosting, Bluehost, Hostinger, Hostgator, Bigrock are some of the paid hosting services providers. 

Features of paid web hosting

In shared hosting, you will get a turbo server space, and it will help to load fast in your server location. An advanced hosting service provided Cloudflare, a cloud platform that helps to load your website faster in every country. 

WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento, OpenCart are the top web design, and developer platforms are available to use it free of cost.

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