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Jackfruit Halwa Recipe – A Sweet And Tasty Dish From Kerala.

Kozhikode, a city in north Kerala, is known for its delicious jackfruit halwa. The sweet dish is made with ripe jackfruit, sugar, ghee, and flour and is available in a variety of colors, including golden and black. You can buy best-quality, branded jackfruit halwa at most Kerala stores for a very reasonable price. However, if you find yourself with all these ingredients on hand and looking for new ideas for how to make jackfruit halwa, give this recipe a try!

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Types of jackfruit halwa.


Basically, it has two types of variants based on color. A golden-yellow jackfruit halwa is made with maida and sugar as the base. It has a more glossy finished look. The black-colored halwa has a base of fine rice powder and jaggery. It has a matte finished look, but the tase is amazing.

What is jackfruit?

It is a kind of healthy fruit that originated in India. It weighs up to 5 kg and holds the record as the heaviest fruit ever found on a tree. Jackfruit contains golden yellow or ivory flesh with a pineapple-like consistency. The flavor is sweet and slightly musky. Jackfruit health benefits have made this fruit famous and many countries import its products from India.


In Kerala, jackfruit is often used in desserts. One popular dish is called jackfruit halwa. To make this dish, ripe jackfruit is mashed and cooked with sugar, ghee, and milk until it forms a thick paste. It is then flavored with aromatic cardamom and fried nuts and served at room temperature. Jackfruit halwa is a delicious way to enjoy this unique fruit!

In a hot pan, add a small piece of jackfruit flesh, separated from its seeds and sugar.

Add ghee and cook till the fruit melts into the form of smooth creem.


Add the fried nuts and cardamom powder to it and mix well.

Cook until the halwa thickens.

Why is Kerala food famous in India?

Kerala food is famous in India for its variety and flavor. The state is home to a number of traditional dishes that are enjoyed by people from all over the country. Kerala jackfruit dishes are known for their use of fresh ingredients and quality spices, which give them a unique flavor.

This sweet and tasty dish is made with ripe jackfruit, sugar, ghee, and milk. Kozhikodan jackfruit halwa is often served during the Onam festival and family celebrations.


The jackfruit halwa is a specialty dish of the Indian state of Kerala. With this foolproof recipe, you’ll produce a golden-colored halva with both flavor and texture that’s sure to be a hit with all your guests. Whether you’re serving it as a dessert or in the course of a meal, it will be sure to please everyone. So don’t wait- if you’ve never had jackfruit halwa before, you’re missing out on something truly special!

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