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A soldier guarding the nation was mercilessly assaulted by the Kerala police.

A shocking crime was committed in Kerala, a southern Indian state. A group of policemen attacked and injured a soldier—an individual that is the public property of the country. The act of brutal attack on a soldier who is fighting for the nation is defined as terrorism, which is intentional violence with the aim of producing fear and panic.

In India, not all places have the same attitude, and in many places, soldiers are held in great respect. They are well liked by both the police and the general public, but in Kerala it is a completely different lookout.

Even though they’re trained to deal with danger and stand up to evil, we cannot forget how brave and selfless they are. Soldiers have our deepest admiration, which is why we were saddened by the news of an attack on a soldier by police in Kerala.


There seems to be a lack of understanding of the role, challenges, and sacrifices soldiers make on the border. Before this incident in Kerala, there have been several public discussions on the police’s approach towards servicemen. The fact is, though, that no government effort has been made to address and resolve this issue.

As many media outlets at the national level took this matter seriously, the entire world came to know about the brutal torture the soldier had faced.

At the event, a policeman who was drunk without a uniform in the police station beat up the soldier for no reason. For the safety of the soldier, he tried to prevent an attack against him by blocking the cop in response. He and his brother were both beaten very badly by a group of police-criminals.


For 45 days, the outside world knew nothing of the torture that took place under the leadership of station incharge, Aneesh Muhammed. It was only when the soldier who was attacked by the police came forward with his story that the world learned of the horrors that had taken place.

The soldier, Vishnu, spoke to a reporter about the torture he and others had endured. He described being beaten with batons and cables. He also said that they had kicked his backbone and injured him badly. The soldier’s story sparked outrage, and an investigation was launched into the matter by the Milatery. SI Aneesh Muhammed and the other three cops were eventually suspended from service.

To prevent him from serving in the border security force, the criminal-cops crushed the soldier’s fingers, with the intention of blocking him from using guns. There are also reports that SI Aneesh has links with a terrorist organization called SDPI that has been banned in India.


In many cases where policemen are found to be guilty of misconduct, they are merely suspended from duty for a few months. Often, the cases in which they are suspected are sabotaged by their colleagues or superiors. This allows them to continue their careers with little to no consequences. As a result, there is little to no accountability for the actions of policemen who break the law.

The Kerala Police have been accused of brutality after the visuals of them attacking a soldier and his brother went viral. He also alleges that the police made a false case against them. The visuals of the attack sparked an uproar on social media, with individuals asking that the police officer responsible be fired immediately. The video, which was widely circulated on social media, showed the police officer hitting the soldier with a baton and then pushing him to the ground.

The attack on a soldier in Kerala has caused a public outcry, with four people being suspended from the police force. However, the charges against them are very light and they could be reinstated in the service in a few months. This has led to criticism of the police force, with people questioning why the attackers were not dismissed from service. It is a grave lapse on the part of the police that they should not have informed about the arrest of a soldier in the nearest army regiment, according to the law.

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