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Chicago Police Issue a Public Service Announcement on Burglaries Against Seniors.

Residents in Chicago are being warned about a new scam that specifically targets the elderly. Thieves are posing as employees of the Water Department and luring the elderly out of their homes. Earlier this year, there were four reports of burglaries involving elderly victims in the city. It has increased since then in terms of the number of instances. Despite the increased number of reported cases, the Chicago Police Department continues to alert residents.

A gang of thieves has begun targeting senior citizens in North Chicago, and two to three suspects are approaching elderly residents and claiming to be water department workers. The robbers often pretend to be repair workers and steal various items from inside the residence. Three to four-foot-tall black or white individuals have been identified as the prime suspects behind the crime. Residents are being urged by authorities to exercise particular caution. Taking the required safeguards is essential in order to avoid significant repercussions from these crimes.

Using a disguised utility department employee, two to three suspects approach the elderly person.  The victim is then lured into the home by the men pretending to be water or electric department employees. Installing security cameras and keeping tabs on your neighbors are suggestions from the Chicago Police Department. A neighboring resident can also help with a neighborhood watch and help out if the victim is the victim of a burglary.

Earlier this month, the Chicago Police Department issued a warning to residents about a recent spate of burglaries targeting senior citizens on the city’s South Side. The burglars typically approach the elderly by posing as government department employees to distract the elderly homeowner while taking various collectible items from the home. In one of the robberies, the suspects posed as repair workers and enticed the homeowner into a confrontation with them.

Several incidents of robberies targeting senior citizens in Chicago’s North Side have been reported this month. In one instance, a group of suspects approached the senior citizen in the home and pretended to be an electrical and water department employee. They then allegedly stole several items from the home, including jewelry. Fortunately, the perpetrators did not cause any injury, but instead merely redirected the resident to a different part of town.

The Chicago Police Department is warning residents about a new scam that involves thieves posing as government department employees and robbing elderly residents of their belongings. Criminals frequently pose as Water or Electrical Department employees in order to entice senior citizens into their homes. The police say the suspects have targeted four senior citizens in the Southside since Oct. 21. While there have been few arrests, the suspects are largely white or black males between the ages of 35 and 40 age group.

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