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A group of Santas had a good time in the waves of Florida’s seashore.


When comparing Christmas Eve events in Cocoa Beach, Florida, none compares to the annual Santa Surf event. While the earliest Cocoa Beach Santas’ surfing festival was a small gathering of local families, today it has become a global phenomenon, drawing people from all over the world. The Christmas Eve event is both a holiday celebration and a surfing event. This event is a great way to get into the Christmas spirit and enjoy the festive season in the Sunshine State.

The first event was held on Friday, and the Trosset family got involved by jumping into the Atlantic Ocean in a Santa suit. The festivities continued Saturday with surfboards, costumes, and even a visit from Santa himself! In addition to the surfing, the event featured local art, Hawaiian dancers, and space-themed merchandise. The Space Coast Office of Tourism commissioned a survey in spring 2019 to determine how many visitors attended the event, and the group has since announced that it was a great hit.

The Surfing Santas is an iconic tradition that raises thousands of dollars for local charities. Proceeds from the event’s swag are donated to local organizations, including the Florida Surf Museum and Grind for Life. The organization has raised more than $200,500 since 2013. In addition to the surfers and spectators, the event also features a star surfer, Doug Flutie, who kicked off this year’s inaugural Surfing Santas.

The Surfing Santas is an annual event in Cocoa Beach, Florida. The event benefits local nonprofits, including the Florida Surf Museum and Grind for Life. This is a family-friendly tradition and is open to all ages. In addition to the surfing, the event raises thousands of dollars for area charities. The team donates the funds from the sales of their “swag” to the organizations that will benefit from the surfers’ efforts.

Besides being a fun event for kids, the Surfing Santas also help to promote raise fundraising campaigns for local nonprofits. The event is held every year in Cocoa Beach to benefit local charities and is a six-block fundraiser. Organizers hope the event will continue to grow into a worldwide phenomenon. It is a tradition that has captured the hearts of children and is a promotional event for Florida tourism. If you’re wondering why Santas surf, you can’t go wrong with the answer.

A unique way to celebrate the holidays is by watching Santa surf on the beach. This unique tradition is one of the most well-known on the Space Coast. In fact, it has become an iconic part of the holiday season. Its organizers say it has generated millions of dollars. So, while the Surfing Santas are fun for families, the event is also a great economic boost for the community.

Florida is the central attraction of American tourism.

Florida, the southeasternmost U.S. state, boasts a stunning coastline with hundreds of miles of sandy beaches. Miami, a major cultural and art center, is also popular for its nightlife and upscale South Beach. Read on to learn about some of the best attractions and things to do in Florida.

While Florida’s popularity has always been strong, its economic climate has often limited its potential to attract foreign tourists. However, a recent economic report found that the state is poised to grow at a fast pace if it can secure more investment in its tourism industry. Despite a weak global economy, Florida’s tourism is booming. With more international visitors than ever before, the state is expected to generate an additional $50 billion in sales annually.

Despite negative media coverage, the state’s tourism industry is thriving. Domestic travelers accounted for 62.7% of all arrivals in the third quarter of 2020. Overseas travelers accounted for 60% of all arrivals. The number of international visitors in the third quarter of 2020 was 1.2 million, a jump from the previous quarter and fifth quarter of the year. Eighty-five thousand Canadians visited Florida during the third quarter.

As a result of the pandemic, Gov. Ron DeSantis announced that Florida’s tourism industry is returning to normal. The third quarter of 2018 saw more than 32 million Americans visit Florida. International travelers made up 1.2 million of the total. As a result, Visit Florida is pushing tourism marketing efforts to boost visitor numbers.

Despite the effects of the pandemic, the state is still experiencing growth. Almost 70 billion is generated by tourism in Florida every year. And the number of people traveling to the Sunshine State is projected to grow by 5% in the next five years.

The state also enjoys numerous events that draw travelers. Twenty-six Super Bowls were played in the state in 2013, and six college football bowl games were hosted in the state from 2014 to 15. Other notable events include spring training baseball, cruise ships, and space-related missions. In addition, the Florida tourist industry also boasts a competitive convention industry.

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