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Betty White, an animal lover and a mini-screen star, passed away. 

Betty White died on Dec 31, 2021. She had a long career as an actress and comedian and was a pioneer of early television. She died at age 99, leaving a legacy of work that spanned eight decades. She was noted for her talent as well as her longevity in the entertainment business. The star was known for her witty humor and unflappable smile. Her life was full of humor and grace.

Her death was unexpected, and a week before her 100th birthday, she surrendered to death. According to People magazine, the actress was not ill at the time of her death. Her friends and family confirmed the news, and they invited fans to watch a two-hour documentary. It is expected to feature a number of celebrities and stars. Some of the actors who appeared in the documentary include Tina Fey, Clint Eastwood, and Robert Redford. The film also features Jimmy Kimmel.

Despite her failing health, White spent most of her final years in the comfort of her own home. Around-the-clock caretakers looked after her, but her work schedule slowed as she reached her nineties. She said she enjoyed working in the early days of TV, and never heard the word “no”—she never stopped laughing! Ultimately, she was a cultural icon for generations to come.

A great animal lover.

Many people remember Betty White as a beloved animal advocate and champion of wildlife rather than a mini-screen star. She was a long-time supporter of the Los Angeles Zoo and helped to create and sustain a variety of programs to improve animal welfare. Her passion for animals began when she hosted the syndicated TV show The Pet Set in the 1970s. Throughout her silver screen career, she sponsored more than 30 animal well-being and health studies. She also helped to raise millions of dollars for the organization.

She was a kind person who found time to spend with animals in her busy schedule, and she worked with the Los Angeles Zoo Commission and the Wildlife Foundation to improve the welfare of animals. In addition to her work with the zoos, Betty White was a member of the Morris Animal Foundation for more than 50 years, serving as board president from 1982 to 1987 and vice president from 1973 to 1981.

In 1966, she was the first celebrity to visit the Los Angeles Zoo, and her involvement with the zoo spans five decades. During her lifetime, she worked to have the zoo become a landmark for wildlife conservation in the city. Her dedication to the zoo’s development was inspired by the Betty White Wildlife Fund, which she used for critical wildlife emergencies. Her legacy lives on with the organization.

Everyone will agree that White dedicated her life to helping animals. As she told People magazine in 2001, she cared for more than 30 dogs. She also visited many zoos and closely worked with them for the welfare of animals, becoming a prominent figure in the Morris Animal Foundation. Her love of animals and her commitment to their preservation were two of her greatest concerns.

The Los Angeles Zoo was another place where she spent time caring for animals. She wrote about this zoo in an article on her 99th birthday. Her close friend, Jeff Witjas, described her as a celebrity champion for wildlife and an animal lover. A tribute to White, who was dedicated to her cause, was a fitting acclamation to her long-time support of the Los Angeles Zoo and the inmates. She will be missed, and this honor is especially meaningful.

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