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Renaissance centers are getting ready for the inflow of new patients.

A successful addiction treatment center will work closely with the patient to create a plan of action that meets the patient’s personal needs and wants. The treatment team may consist of a chemical dependency counselor, a psychiatrist, and a dietitian. A person will experience a high level of care and attention if they are admitted to a program that focuses on individual treatment.

What to Expect From an Addiction Treatment Center

Many Chicago-area rehabs focus on the recovery of opioid addicts. This type of rehab offers a unique approach to treatment by providing physical, mental, and emotional support. Often, the treatment will involve medical detox and medication, and the client may also undergo therapy. Inpatient programs are typically 30 days, though they can last 60 to 90 days for severe addiction. Substance rehab can provide outpatient services as well. The process will involve individual and group counseling and work with the individual’s financial resources.

Ultimately, the goal of alcoholism treatment is abstinence, and the success of such programs is measured by a client’s ability to stay alcohol-free for longer periods of time. Aftercare programs focus on helping the person maintain their recovery and helping them reintegrate into society.

Another option for people who want to maintain a sober lifestyle is an outpatient program. The goal of these programs is to help the client maintain a sober lifestyle while continuing to attend to their regular lives.

Outpatient rehabs focus on the recovery of individuals from substance abuse. Inpatient rehabs offer individualized services that address the needs of each patient. Chicago inpatient rehabs typically last 30 days, but they may need up to 60-90 days for severe addictions. Inpatient treatment can help a person become drug-free, improve their social functioning, and improve their health. The program will also offer a support group for the person.

Another type of addiction treatment center Chicago has to offer is an outpatient program. An inpatient program provides a full-time environment where a patient can continue to live and take their medications. The outpatient facility should provide meals and housing. The program should also include individual therapy. These programs will be customized for the patient. These programs can help the addicted person overcome the addiction and move forward in their lives. A residential program is not right for everyone, but it will work for some people.

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