Who is Arvind Kejriwal?

Who is Arvind Kejriwal?
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Arvind Kejriwal is a prominent Indian politician, activist, and former bureaucrat. He has been the Chief Minister of Delhi, India, since February 2015. He was previously the CM of Delhi from December 2013 to February 2014 but stepped down after only 49 days in office. His political career is diverse, but his passion for social causes and environmental concerns has made him one of the most sought-after politicians in the country.

In the late 90s, Mr. Kejriwal was an IIT graduate. He joined the Indian Revenue Service in 1995 and quit after five years. In December 1999, he founded his own NGO, Parivartan. He firmly believed in the motto, “Change starts with the little things.” He spent years helping citizens resolve their rationing and drinking water issues. He was a former joint commissioner for the Income Tax Department.

Born in Agra, Kejriwal grew up in a middle-class family. His father, Gobind Ram Kejriwal, was an electrical engineer and graduated from the Birla Institute of Technology in Mesra. He spent most of his childhood in north India. He attended Campus School in Hisar and the Holy Child School in Sonipat. After graduation, he took the IIT-JEE examination, scoring an All-India Rank of 563. He joined the IRS as a Commissioner of Income Tax in the Income Tax Appellate Tribunal after graduating from IIT Kharagpur.


Arvind Kejriwal worked in the Indian Revenue Service for five years before he stepped down. In December 1999, he founded his own NGO, Parivartan, and started campaigning for public services.  He provided free tax consultations to citizens and helped them solve their income tax problems.

Kejriwal was born in Siwani, Haryana, to a religious family. His father, an engineer, and his mother, Gita Devi, a government professional, was also an excellent reader. He had an impressive academic background and a great passion for social work.

After he became a public servant, Kejriwal entered politics as a social activist. He was an advocate of the Jan Lokpal bill, which was a bill aimed at preventing corrupt practices. He later split from Team Anna and formed his own party, the Aam Aadmi Party. During his time in the government, Kejriwal was known for his fight against corruption.


The second youngest Chief Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal, won the 2015 Assembly Elections by a huge margin. He has been reforming the political system since announcing his candidacy for chief minister. His party has been a hit with the common man. In the last few years, he has gained global fame as a politician and as a social activist.

Born in Haryana, Kejriwal is the National Convener of the Aam Aadmi Party. The party aims to fight corruption and bring transparency to governance. After serving as the Chief Minister of Delhi for two years, he has gone on to become the leader of the Aam Aadmi Party. During his time as an engineer, he studied at various universities and became involved in a variety of social initiatives.

The first major project he embarked upon was creating a social movement called Parivartan. The name was chosen by Kejriwal in recognition of his commitment to ensuring that the interests of the common man are represented in politics. He is the most popular chief minister in the country and has been elected to office three times since 2011. But what really makes this party unique is the idea behind it.


Kejriwal’s success came by implementing his own political platform. His first political initiative was India Against Corruption movement, which aimed to get the Jan Lokpal Bill enacted. While the party failed to achieve its goal, it earned him popularity amongst people from across the country. Afterward, he began his own campaign for the Delhi Assembly. He has since won 67 seats in the elections held in 2015, and his movement is far from finished yet.

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