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Online palette is an ideal option for Fine Arts students?

Many universities have partially transformed their campuses online, which has undoubtedly proven to be a successful move. Many MBA institutions utilize the advantages of the online world for distance learning massively. Private institutions in Africa have also begun offering online classes with the support of a website and Google Meet. Few have taken advantage of YouTube to reach more local students.

Due to the uncertainty of the rampant pandemic, many nursery schools began offering online classes for kids to engage 3-to-4-year-old children. For the last 18 months, all schools and colleges have operated online and administered year-end exams without carrying out substantive practical assignments.

Many fine arts students are concerned about their future in the midst of ongoing uncertainty.Detailed training is the most significant factor in art learning. Experimenting on canvases is not as simple as it is on a college campus. The first year of academic work has passed without any productivity for the two-year master’s program students. There are only a few months left for them to finish the course.

In the United States alone, there are 135 fine arts colleges and more than 50 for design studies. All have international students and come from far away from the core value of art campus study. Many have taken loans from the bank and financial instructions to make their dreams come true. Is it fair to stay here and pay high rent and tuition fees for online classes?

Due to pandemic-based government restrictions, universities are not in a position to offer a campus-based practical section. Many students have spoken out in favor of regular practical classes in the Fine Arts section.

Aneesh Mathew, a post-graduate scholar of fine arts, enrolled from India to learn and experiment with contemporary commercial art. He took his BFA from the J.J. School of Arts in Mumbai, worked in the advertising industry for two years, and then came to the U.S. for his higher studies. Unfortunately, the pandemic derailed his plans, and he only had a few months left to finish his studies.

Many students have come forward to the US campus with an objective. To take advantage of the campus experience offered by most modern institutes and sharpen their talents to international standards, attending the regular practice section is very important.

Practical lessons in high creative exposure will help raise the talent within and motivate them to return to their homeland to join the best creative hubs.

Educational institutions are intended to start regular classes in July based on the expert committee note. However, it is dependent on the upcoming situation, and the priority is safety for everyone. Authorities are not willing to give any specific date for the reopening. 

The following few months are crucial for students; they want authorities to issue special permits to organize practical sections for final-year PG students.

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