Bachelor of Communication program closing down at John Brown University.

Bachelor of Communication program closing down at John Brown University.
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According to the university newsletter’s latest updates, John Brown has decided to shut down the bachelor-of-communication program. No more available enrolment for local and international students in the communication department. 

Most international students from India, Brazil, and China prefer courses such as advertising, media production, and digital marketing. Journalism minor will have added to the John Brown course list. A university spoke person said.

Education consultants and students are unhappy with closing down. John Brown University students group added a criticized note in their official online group. Several students want to join to get a communication degree as it’s their passion for getting one from John Brown.

Melisa, a student from Srilanka, says – “Since last three years I have been planning and preparing to get enrolment in a communication degree specialized in public relation. It was my passion to have a media program.”

In an organized social event to communicate with college students,” The reason for them to dissolve the communication department is wired. Our major is not creating enough jobs is not a reason to wind up. It’s heartbreaking and painful; we think all of our hard work has been wasted. A lot of them on the campus emphatically fought for breath. When they were told the communication-major is has been called off.”; a student reacted.

Most of them wanted to continue until they finish the current program, and for the higher study major, the part will shift to another university. Few of them would be interested in continuing to join voluntarily to help the non-profit organization.

This semester, the university confirmed that it would continue publishing the student projects, The Threefold Advocate, which has moved to an all-digital platform. Additionally, John Brown university would also guarantee radio and online media access.

According to the university’s claim, declining access to small-new spending models, gains in employment, and the integration of traditional communication channels have all occurred in the media ecosystem, according to the university’s claim, all took place over the past few decades.

However, attendance figures have fallen from 55 in previous years to 27, and these courses are staying below what is economically viable, the argument goes, in part.

According to the most recent labor data from the Bureau of the BLS, employment is expected to decrease in the various public relations, producing, directing, and motion picture fields through the year 2029, while ads are expected to rise at an average rate higher than the average.

Ms. Gumm, the John Brown University’s spokesperson, said that a board of deans and two faculty reps from the Department of Academic Affairs made a “prioritization list” of academic services that included the department of Communication’s input.

President Pollard and his Cabinet decided to cut part of the University’s budget, and it was supported by the executive committee of the University’s trustees, says Gumm.

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