Is choosing mathematics for a bachelor’s degree an ideal option?

Is choosing mathematics for a bachelor’s degree an ideal option?
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Recently, News Plus USA contacted a survey among students who are doing a final year bachelor’s degree in mathematics as the main subject. The objective of the survey was to understand how it would benefit them in the future, instead of just getting a bachelor’s degree for a job.

The results were intriguing. However, the reality is that the majority of mathematics students have no idea what they will do after they finish their studies. Few of them want to work with banks and finance houses just because they have been studying maths. But the big question is, if your future wants to end up in financial institutions, why did you choose maths for your bachelor’s degree? Commerce or accounts are a better option for it. Isn’t it?


The majority of students had not considered where they would work after graduation. They had attended counseling, but that covered only colleges. That’s the reason they can’t expect to do maths in their future job.

Some agreed about their mistake that they haven’t done enough study about the scope after finishing the mathematics degree program. And they want the education systems to be more transparent so that all students can visualize their future.

Few of them have another opinion and say, ” Maths is not for everyone. It is a very challenging subject. Solving problems is done with talent. This can prove the capability of maths graduates in job hunting.” This confidence is reasonable to move forward to the master’s program in mathematics. For them, there is better opportunity waits in the future. They will not settle in an accounts job. 


Hannah Schneider, a mathematics degree program student from Stanford University, says she joined mathematics classes because her parents advised her. But now she made up her mind and wants to move to artificial intelligence at her master’s.

Instead of going to work as a banker, the person who sees their future possibilities will have the option of using their skills to learn technology such as artificial intelligence or computer programming.

Shaniya, another student from Massachusetts, says Mathematics is not just numbers; it has enough content to put in place. “Take a look at our books, they’re completely texty. “Sin, Cos, Tan, all these things have lots to do in this world.” 


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