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1upHealth raised 25 Million to expand cloud.

A Boston-based startup, 1upHealth, managed by Ricky Sahu, a young entrepreneur, to host hospital records on clouds to eliminate the stress of paper documents, raised 25 million dollars for his new venture.

Some hospitals have been doing the conversion of physical documents into digital format. Handling the data storage in a shared hosting space is a challenging job for hospital administration. The initiative started by Sahu can take the hassles to a large cloud-based platform.

Cloud-based healthcare data storage is a hassle-free documentation method that will help skip the old way of document scanning and the long time waiting to send it by email.

The frontend interface of the 1upHealth care solution is designed as a central storage device for multiple user hubs. Patients, doctors, pharmacies, insurance, and related services can access the data through a single window.

Sahu, the founder of 1upHealth, claims his model of data storage makes patient life easier. ┬áThe insurance companies can access on-time data and claim records; it helps them settle a claim immediately. “Imagine how fast a settlement can be done through.” He says.

Maintaining and storing digital marketing data is another challenging task for the respective departments. Educational visual media and high definition marketing materials need dedicated servers to put up. 1upHealth also provides a secured platform to host their heavy files, and the front-end user can easily manage from a desktop.

1upHealth brand is positioned as value-based care. The highlight of it is very simple. Rather than segregating multiple medical data storages, a single storage solution can accomplish more for less. Artificial intelligence analyzes leveraged information and puts it together in a convenient way.

Another advantage of it is that it will have revealed the exact figure of what insurance companies will pay for patients. The current scenario of data isolation in many servers needs integration to figure out. According to a new federal law, health care and insurance data should be available for patience on a digital platform. However, the data on cloud hosting can be accessed through the mobile app.

1upHealth is going to make a massive change in the insurance sector, as people change their jobs. It was another tough job for the administration to shift the employees ‘ insurance documents. Medical and insurance history documents are heavy attachments to send emails. Now it does not need to shift data and all are available in the cloud.

Jackson Square Ventures is the lead investor in the funding process. Social Leverage and Eniac Ventures are another two funders in the cloud expansion process.

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