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Free online education for kids by National Geographic.

National Geographic has brought out a web-based platform for kids to offer free online education. The curriculum has developed such a way that kids can easily understand the concept and help develop themselves.

After so much study and discussions, finally, most of the educational experts have agreed on one point that a game is an absolute study material for kids. The unique idea of the National Geographic Education for Kids is a game-based learning method. It gives a play and learning experience for kids, and the “playedu” advantage creates an interest in the kids to engage more with it.

Game learning helps kids to understand the subject visually instead of just imagining it. Most learning modules have been designed to go forward stepwise, and at every stage, kids have something new to learn. The beauty of every game module is addressing a problem and providing the right solution. A new method of learning gives better experiments for new generation kids.

Learning through games is all about excitement; it gives the kids an enthusiasm to attend class regularly. Visually well-designed presentations attract them and quickly can gain their full attention and interest.

National Geographic has come out with a free online learning platform for kids. The advantage of this classroom is accessible for worldwide students free of cost. Puzzles play is one of the best-developed modules to help kids to enhance their brainstorming skills.

National Geographic has Quizzes, Personality quizzes, Action, and Funny fill-in in the game section. All of them are specially designed games for kids for educational purposes.  

According to Erica McClure, we recently started using National Geographic online study material for my kids; we have an outstanding and happy experience. My kids love games, and it helps them to learn new things. I love to share the outcomes, and it works wonders!

image credit: Kids NG. Visit the website for more information.

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