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10 Top-rated and Informative Online Free Education Hub to Learn

Free online education is a huge source of knowledge, which everyone should harness. Regardless of your age, class, location, or budget, there are endless resources online that can boost your knowledge greatly.

Interestingly, you don’t need any funds to access the majority of the online education hubs. All you need is to have a scheduled period, a stable internet connection, and a laptop ready. If you don’t have a laptop or desktop, a smartphone is enough. In short, free online education makes learning easy for us all. 

Whether you would like to learn about science, technology, history, geography, photography, coding, or whatsoever, any of the free online education websites below will come in handy. Let’s find out the top 10 free online education providers.

Khan Academy

Here is one of the best free online education hubs, offering interactive and highly beneficial learning. Khan Academy is associated with various post-secondary schools. Thus, it offers a long list of learning resources in different subjects and curates various courses online. As a learner, you’ll find it extremely easy to manage your learning goals by using Khan Academy.


For those who would like to learn courses recognized by universities and top organizations, Coursera is an ideal platform to learn. The popular learning hub contains free online courses and learning materials on a wide variety of subjects and topics. From the little-known courses to some of the renowned courses in the world, Coursera offers everything in a single database.

Open Culture Online Courses

On Open Culture, there is a listing of free online courses that contains rarely found educational materials. That aside, over 1000 lectures and podcasts created by various universities worldwide are available to use. Open Culture Online Courses include videos for visual learning. While many online learning hubs often offer educational material for public universities, you’ll find material from both private and government-owned universities on Open Culture.

Simply check the “search” item to find a list of university courses available. Most free online courses on Open Culture feature are from renowned universities in England, Wales, Australia, and state Universities in the United States.

Academic Earth

If you want to find learning materials based on the subject and School, you should visit Academic Earth. This free online learning platform provides information on hundreds of courses on different topics. Once you visit the website, endeavor to make use of the search bar, it’ll make finding your preferred topics or learning material easy.

Alison free online education

Here is a special online education that offers free learning materials and information. And more importantly, it offers certifications to users for free of cost. On Alison, you can be certified in the field of business, health, language, and technology. If you want certification for career development or further study, consider studying on Alison. 


Many online learners on edX give wonderful reviews about the quality information available on the platform. Like other free learning websites above, edX offers a wide range of free courses, topics, and learning material. More so, the website is impressively developed for navigation and free online course accessibility.

Stanford Online

If you want to learn from Stanford University without leaving your home, Stanford online is the way out. The free online education platform is established to provide structured courses in different sessions. Although users can find Stanford courses on Coursera, many classes from the university are only available on Stanford Online.

Take note that users might need iTunes for a few courses. However, the majority of the courses are accessible through a web browser. As expected, some courses on Stanford Online have limited material compared to learning hubs that are partnered with various schools. Nevertheless, all available courses on the learning website are of high quality.

Harvard Extension

Here is a similar learning platform to Stanford online courses. At Harvard Extension, only educational courses from Harvard are available. As you would expect, the popular learning site is full of top-rated course materials on various topics and subjects. With the search bar, you can check out the available course that offers a professional certificate. Certification provides extra motivation for learning, a common online education goal for many people.

Open Yale Courses

As the name suggests, Open Yale Courses is another free learning website that offers learning materials from a single university, Yale. Although the learning hub is limited to subjects from Yale University, users can find many videos from campus lectures. With these videos and well-detailed learning material, Open Yale Courses is full of quality courses that can improve your knowledge base. Interestingly, you’ll find learning easier with the videos compared to reading.

MIT OpenCourseWare

With MIT OpenCourseWare, anyone can learn from MIT from his or her abode. The website contains many free courses on different subjects. The wide array of courses features different learning materials and useful information. More so, the RSS feeds from MIT make continuing learning quite convenient.

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