Shanaya Abigail from an Indian model to an International actress.

UK born Indian origin porn actress Shanaya Abigail is one of the leading hot photoshoot model in the world. 1995 born Shanaya Abigail hot actress celebrate her birth day on April 15. After releasing her new movie, Shanaya Abigail Nurse made big hit in the box-office and the movie reached 5 million club in the first month, the new movie success made Actor Shanaya Abigail first time in the millions net worth celebrity list. Shanaya Abigail short films are famous in the circle of online porn movie website users. Hot model Shanaya Abigail was a well-known HD video actress in the US and UK for online users. The bikini movie actress Abigail known as torrent Shanaya in the online movies industry. Shanaya Abigail was selected in 2014 as the best hot actress of the year. Abigail first photoshoot was done by Johnson studios for the print ad campaign of

In 2011 Shanaya Abigail done an advertising campaign for in bikini, as a bikini model Shanaya was success in the first time itself. After the good positive response from the modelling industry as a bikini model, Shanaya Abigail done a video advertising for blossom bra, the bra ad was look like a short hot video, as the video got good hit in the youtube Shanaya Abigail open her path to nude short films. The same time actor Abigail did a topless hot photoshoot as a car wash girl for a sports car creative calendar design. After the calendar was released nude model Shanaya Abigail was become famous in the UK hot short film industry. Shanaya hired for a TV show, hot girls in the city and it made her become a new celebrity porn star. The same Tv show organised a wildlife program and Shanaya Abigail did some topless films for the promotion of the show. Shanaya Abigail hosted a TV show in India Models by Moods and the controversy show was cancelled before the release.

Before entering in to the porn movies Shanaya Abigail acted for a music video erotic tale, as it like the name the music video was fully erotic. Abigail was acted nude for the music video and the making and the photoshoot video both was got good hit on the online. The erotic video of Shanaya Abigail made her an entry to the Bollywood. Hot nurse is the first Bollywood film done by Shanaya Abigail, the b grade movie was noticed with the porn massage in it. After her first Bollywood movie hot nurse Shanaya Abigail done her 2nd short film “contact me”, the film was made in a low quality and its not got any good response from the online and website viewers. After the two porn videos was out, Shanaya Abigail become a new porn star for the xxx films industry. 

In 2014 Shanaya Abigail and her boy friend decided to start a porn movie production house in UK and opened a film production company called Shanaya Abigail L.L.C 

Shanaya Abigail had born in Uttar Pradesh, at her young age her parents migrated to UK. Her father was a studio photographer and her mother were a fashion designer for film units. Abigail mother was working a tailor in their home town and later she transformed as a fashion designer in the UK. Her aunty was working in Delhi as a model coordinator for fashion shows and modelling projects. When Shanaya Abigail was at the collage time she was focused to make her career in the modelling. While she was in the study, Shanaya Abigail did a nude painting for a local magazine. Also, she did a topless photo shoot for her collage friend photographer while she was at in the study. 

Hot bold model Shanaya Abigail entered in to the modelling industry through fashionandmovie model management. After her portfolio on live to the casting world, Shanaya got lots of offer from the porn movie industry from UK and US. After she published Shanaya Abigail contact details in the online platform, she got some offers from the Indian B grade film industry.

Shanaya Abigail was very confident at the beginning of her acting career, as she was planned well from the young age and she was prepaid herself to become a topless or a nude model. After appearing as a nude model on the cover page of a UK based magazine fashionandmovie her career was growing to the international porn film industry. Shanaya Abigail again did a topless modelling for the same magazine for a travel features based on sex and tourism in the metro city’s. Abigail walked for a show in the New York and London fashion shows for the promotion of fashionandmovie magazine.   

The youtube gray world market is made Shanaya Abigail as online porn brand, Abigail signed a contract with Leo vision films and entertainment to work with porn video series. Shanaya Abigail entered to the big money-making industry with the terms of profit sharing based. The expected revenue from the 5 series of porn videos “Hot Shanaya” was 10 to 15 million USD in 2 years of website sales. It was a big step in to the porn movie industry for Shanaya Abigail and she cooperated more in front of the camera and agreed to work with male actor’s in front of the camera. After this series of the porn film was released the first video made 1 million views in the first week itself.    

In 2017 Shanaya Abigail is the top searched nude models in the wiki and online porn websites. After the success of “Hot Shanaya” Abigail made 2 million US dollar in to her personal net worth. The same year Shanaya Abigail and boy friend porn actor Rietz produced a movie “Hot air hostess” under the banner of shanaya abigail l.l.c.

The porn movie was financially succeeded, but “Hot air hostess” couldn’t collect as the way Abigail and Rietz panned. The porn movie Hot air hostess’s pirated copy was uploaded in the torrent website by hacker’s team. Other negative point was in the move was, the movie highlighted the Shanaya Abigail success formula of porn massage. Her previous movie Hot Shanaya are the 5 videos series are fully loaded with porn massages.

Shanaya Abigail was very successful as online porn actor and she made her brand name without much trouble. Shanaya Abigail hot photoshoot are the new sensations in the online website now days. Shanaya Abigail porn massage is her masterpiece in her porn movies. Her B grade movie “Hot nurse” success formula was Shanaya Abigail massage was in it. In the “Hot Shanaya” porn video series was had a unique successful formula was the Shanaya Abigail latest photoshoot section added its part of the HD movies. After the success of “Hot Shanaya” porn video Abigail started charging high for her nude pictures.

Porn actress Shanaya Abigail worked for a Bojpuri Indian movie “Hot lovely”, actress Abigail open as much she can in front of camera in India, the censor board was the limit for the Abigail nude show. Shanaya Abigail acted as a milk girl in the movie and she proved her acting skill in the movie. Shanaya’s first Indian movie “Hot lovely” made a good impact in the north Indian B grade movie industry. After the success of “Hot lovely” lots of Indian B grade film makers contacted Shanaya for to sign contract for B grade movie, but Abigail rejected all the offers and went back to the hot porn films industry.  

Shanaya abigail l.l.c produced their 2nd movie Model Abigail a wonder girl, this time the team Shanaya and her boyfriend Rietz decided that the new movie will be released only in online. They are promoted the movie wonder girl through social media websites. The team launched a marketing video in youtube and it show the making of the porn movie and the latest photoshoot of the movie. Wonder girl was the first porn movie that released only in the website instead of doing it in the traditional cinema theatre. Abigail’s wonder girl was accepted the online world happily, it put smile in the audience face as well as in the heart, the online porn world loves the hot actress Shanaya Abigail, more international film makers contacted her with multimillion projects.

Sea blue production signed a joint venture with Shanaya abigail l.l.c for her next project. The Indian origin hot model Shanaya Abigail and team completed the latest movie making and the post production I just 23 days’ time. The new Abigail movie “My biography” released at HD videos in Australia. The porn movie My biography HD video cd’s are sold in the large scale in the first week itself. The new movie My biography did the post launch on the Shanaya Abigail website, the online world-wide post launch was financially big success and Shanaya reached her personal financial net worth of 3 million US dollar by 2017. 

After the big success of first joint venture with Shanaya abigail l.l.c, Sea blue productions produced their 2nd JV films with the same team. The second movie Escort models was the story of troubling models and actress in film and modelling industry to get projects. The movie Escort models outline the casting couch in film industry by film makers. Shanaya Abigail handling the lead role as the troubling model to get in to the Bollywood film industry, she did audition with all casting agency and not any change shows her face in the film. And she meets a freelance casting director and he changes her life. He helps Abigail to make sexy and hot portfolio in bikini, topless and nude. The hot photoshoot worked well, Shanaya also made hot video of the bikini portfolio photoshoot and highlighted a nipp slip of Shanaya Abigail in it. The video portfolio is getting good attention in film makers and they giving offers to Shanaya Abigail to work with them for porn movies. The movie is loaded with all kind of fun, the team Shanaya abigail l.l.c didn’t forget to add her special porn massage in it. The movie end with story that porn star Shanaya Abigail trouble after market drop down in the porn movie industry and forced to get in to new job as the escort model. In the movie escort models the actor is Wiki, is an American porn star based in New York. Wiki is known as Wiki-star in the American porn movie industry. Abigail Wiki was a success full formula for the team Shanaya abigail l.l.c.

The joint venture team Sea blue productions and Shanaya abigail l.l.c made one more movie, the collage girl, in this move Abigail handle the role of a collage girl, the cover the sexual exploitation of a collage girl. Shanaya as the heroin facing challenges from her tuition teacher. Her music teacher sexually assaults Shanaya Abigail while in her private study, she faces the same issue from her bus driver. The move shows all sexual exploitation area of a collage girl. Shanaya abigail l.l.c production team have a success formula of Abigail massage; the team didn’t forget to add that in this movie too. The bus driver asks Shanaya Abigail that his lap paining and to do a massage and her help leads to a porn massage. The move is targeted the youth and story is based on the collage life. In 2016 released movie was made a market hit in South Africa. The collage girl, hot move story was published in Wikipedia later. Collage girl’s movie making photoshoot video got 1 million views in the YouTube in 3 months’ time. The website user searched for nip slip bikini shoot on the net and school girl movie photoshoot video got hit in the YouTube. The views for the collage girl video was from worldwide, 70% of the website audience was from the US.

Before doing the joint venture with Sea blue, Shanaya abigail l.l.c start a live online website for private show. The show was a top less act of porn actress Shanaya Abigail for her paid viewers. But the response for the Shanaya private show was not positive, after a market survey from the website users the team find issue was with Abigail boobs size. She went to Mumbai for a breast implementation and the cosmetics surgery re shaped Shanaya abigail boobs size.