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Who is Katie Krausz?


If you look at the newspaper every morning, most of the time, the majority of us will get grievous with a few reports that exhibit abuse on children and women and violating their rights. Since the internet has found a place on everyone’s desktops, the crime version has been updated to cyber abuse.

Katie Krausz is the representative of all women who survived the cyber attacks. The young woman who had been working as a health care assistance also a social worker who fights for the victims for justice.

The accused, who worked in the fire department and committed cyber offenses frequently, had made Krausz’s life miserable after posting a digitally edited image in cyberspace. He was addicted to repeating the crime and engaged in posting offensive content on every web corner. Also, he uses a fake profile with Krausz’s edited picture; he does stained talk to foresee-members in chat and provides her number to call.

During this period, Krausz had a tough time in her life. She was not in the position to attend an interview; many identified her in a public place and approached her in the wrong way. The humiliating incident made her bold and decided to fight against the cyberattack, stand with victims, and fight for justice.

According to Krausz, millions of amended images have been uploading to cyberspace every day. Many trustful and innocent girls are the victims of this exploit; her fight is to stop this forever. She also wants substantial laws that will punish offenders straight away and put them behind bars.

Before concluding, she also advised other victims who had consistent cases, not to be unsettled and come forward to fight for justice.

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