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PULP FICTION: Ivan Reitman, The Director Who Made It All Possible.

Ivan Reitman is a Canadian filmmaker best known for his comedy films. He has been in business for many years and has created successful companies.

He was born in Czechoslovakia and fled to Vienna after the war, where he studied drama and music at college before becoming a filmmaker. Ivan Reitman studied music and drama in Canada before moving to the US. His most famous films were Beethoven and Space Jam. He is also known for producing Howard Stern’s Private Parts, as well as Road Trip 2000, Old School, and EuroTrip

Reitman’s parents survived the Holocaust. His father escaped from a concentration camp and later fought for Slovakian independence. After their family fled Czechoslovakia, they settled in Canada, where Reitman grew up. He made his career with the help of his successful movie, Ghostbusters. He studied music at McMaster University but began to make movie shorts too.

Reitman’s love of writing began at a young age. He was very much interested in writing for school drama and would often write short scripts for plays he and his friends would put on. Through his writing, Reitman developed an interest in directing and became involved in the film industry as a screenwriter and director.

Previously, Reitman had taken various industry jobs and directed student plays in the past. His first significant film was Orientation, which earned an Oscar nomination. He’s also made several other critically acclaimed movies throughout his career.

He made movies that did well, like Ghostbusters and Stripes, which were turned into TV shows. He is known for his work in “Kindergarten Cop” as well as “Dave.” Those who remember him best are people who were with him in the 90s.

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