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Art Institute of Illinois with masterpiece works.

Almost 1.5 million people visit the museum every year. The museum has more than 300,000 works of modern art on display and includes works from the Americas and Europe. The collection’s highlights include paintings by Pablo Picasso and Henri Matisse. Other works include Georgia O’s Black Cross, New Mexico, and Rene Magritte’s Time Transfixed.

It houses a permanent collection of art from around the world, as well as a rotating program of traveling exhibitions. The Modern Wing includes more than two million square feet of space dedicated to Asian art, photography, and design. The new wing also features a number of educational facilities. There are daily lectures, gallery tours, and special performances held in the Thorne Miniature Rooms.

The Art Institute of Chicago is known for its collections of paintings and sculptures, but it has a wealth of other attractions, including the world’s most important works of art. The museum has many specializations and collections, reflecting the tastes of its many benefactors. For example, it has a vast collection of Japanese woodblock prints, West African sculptures, decorative paperweights, and reconstructions of the Chicago Stock Exchange trading room. In addition to its permanent collection, the Art Institute also offers a modern painting and sculpture gallery, a reconstructed stock exchange trading room, and a huge education center called the Kraft General Foods Education Center.

It offers a graduate program in fine arts and a renowned fine arts graduate school. In fact, the School of the Art Institute of Chicago ranks second in the country in the number of undergraduate students in its undergraduate and master’s programs. Its mission is to promote and preserve the visual arts in the region and to inspire the community to engage in cultural activities.

Although the Art Institute of Chicago is known for its collections of paintings and sculptures, it also has a large collection of other works of art. Its benefactors’ interests are reflected in its specialty areas. Its deepest reserves include West African sculptures and Japanese woodblock prints. In addition to its extensive collections, the museum also hosts a series of special exhibitions. In addition to the main galleries, the Institute has several educational programs.

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