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Website and its benefits for a business!

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Nowadays, a significant part of the business had migrated to online platforms such as websites and mobile apps. Both have a significant role in their respective areas. Large capital invested corporates can afford to develop both; however, small companies still depend on a responsive website to make their online sales. Nowadays, a website is very affordable for everyone.

The first one is Domain-name, and the second thing is about Hosting. Most of the time, both things are managed by the website designers, and the website owners are not much aware of it. This article will help you to understand both Domain-name and hosting in fine points.

Domain name
It is an identification loop to connect the brand name and the business association. Most of the time, it uses the same business name or the product name.

Web hosting

It is a storage space to host your brand website design, files, and programmed codings. Reliability is the most important thing when you choose web hosting for your business.
All websites have hosted on a server; it can be a business website or a game website. All are serving different purposes; a corporate website helps in building a brand image. At the same time, a game website is for entertainment for youngsters. After the lockdown, people stop going to the theatre to watch the movie, available on OTT website platforms.

Windows and Linux-based Hosting

The fact is that most business owners not aware that a hosting space is required to run a website; once it comes to the site development stage, the hosting requirement popups. Here most people make mistakes while choosing the server platform.

It’s mainly categorized into two. One is Windows-based, and the other one is Linux-based.

The Linux-based hosting platform is usually used to host a website developed in PHP programming and Windows servers are better for websites.

The point is here before you start developing a web design; you should decide on your hosting platform; whether Windows or Linux-based.

How to choose a hosting web service?
The essential thing in the hosting service is reliability. In this business, most market players offer lots of free benefits; once your website starts receiving a good amount of traffic, the server will ask you to upgrade to a higher plan that needs to pay off a lot. 

Low-speed site loading
The most important thing for an e-commerce website is its speed. The valuable customers will wait up to 5 seconds to load the webpage. An online sales platform loading more than 7 seconds loses 70% of its business.

Server down
You can even face your website down regularly. As site visitor volume increases, it will increase bandwidth usage and cause your website to down more often.

Limited plugin usage
WordPress is a common platform for website design and development. Each advanced functions work based on plugins. As you add more plugins for multiple purposes, the hosting company will update a higher version.

While you choose a web hosting service provider, consider the points mentioned above to avoid interruptions in your online sales.

SSL certificate
Nowadays, most website owners prefer to have an SSL certificate for the domain name. Some web browsers prevent their users from entering a non-secure website and block the page loading with a security warning.

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