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The spam folder included a $3 million lottery prize that was uncovered.

A Michigan lottery winner found the happy news about her winnings in her spam folder. Laura Spears, from Oakland County, purchased a ticket on the state lottery’s website and matched five white balls to win $3 million. However, she had no idea she had won, and the notification email from the lottery went to her spam folder. Spears was so shocked that she immediately logged in to her account to confirm her prize.

The lucky woman discovered her $3 million jackpot after finding a fortune in her spam folder. Laura Spears was able to claim the prize last week, and she plans to split the money with her family. She has two children and hopes to retire early. Until then, she will be able to share the fortune with them. But first, she’ll have to find her lottery tickets, as she’s going to need them.

Spears plans to use the money for early retirement, and she plans to share it with her family. She also plans to buy a new home and start a new business. In the meantime, she’ll be able to pay off her bills and save for her grandchildren’s future. According to the Michigan Lottery, Laura Spears had bought a Mega Millions ticket for December 31, 2021.

The lucky woman’s search for lottery tickets was interrupted by the discovery that her winning ticket was hidden in her spam folder. Although this is a rare occurrence, it’s amazing how many people can find such information in their inbox. If you’ve never heard of this phenomenon before, you’ll have to check your spam folder. If you don’t have one, you may want to consider deleting your old ones. You might be surprised to discover that you won a $3 million lottery prize in your junk mail.

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