The recent acquisition helps Reliance hold a major stake in Addverb Technologies.

The recent acquisition helps Reliance hold a major stake in Addverb Technologies.
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Reliance Industries, one of India’s largest private sector companies, has recently acquired a major stake in Addverb Technologies, a company that specializes in artificial intelligence and machine learning. With this acquisition, Reliance gains access to Addverb’s AI and machine learning capabilities, which it plans to put to use in its various businesses.

Reliance Industries has recently acquired a major stake in Addverb Technologies, a Bangalore-based technology company. With this purchase, Reliance now owns the majority of the company, giving it access to its innovative artificial intelligence (AI) solutions.

What is Addverb Technologies?


Addverb Technologies is a tech company that specializes in artificial intelligence (AI). It offers software that helps businesses automate their marketing processes, including content creation and distribution. This software is especially helpful for businesses that need to create content quickly and easily without wasting time on mundane tasks.

Why did Reliance Industries acquire a stake in Addverb Technologies?

One reason Reliance Industries may have acquired a stake in Addverb Technologies is because of its expertise in AI. This could be useful for Reliance Industries as it tries to become more efficient and agile in the market. Additionally, Addverb Technologies’ software can be used by other businesses as well—making it an attractive investment for Reliance Industries.


What is Reliance Industries?

Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) is an Indian conglomerate company with interests in oil and gas, telecommunications, retail, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and other industries. The group business was founded by Mr.Ambani and is currently run by his son, Mukesh Ambani. Reliance Industries has made major investments in Addverb Technologies Ltd., a British technology company with a focus on customer experience design.

Addverb Technologies is acquired by Reliance Industries.


Reliance Industries has acquired Addverb Technologies, a technology company that specializes in providing artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning solutions to businesses. The acquisition helps Reliance hold a major stake in the company, which is headquartered in Bengaluru. The deal was worth Rs 405 crore ($66 million).

Addverb Technologies was founded in 2013 by Pradeep Mohan and Kalyan Krishnamurthy. It has a presence across six countries. The company offers AI and machine learning services to companies such as Amazon, Ford Motor Company, and PepsiCo.

The Advantages of the Acquisition for Reliance Industries

The recent acquisition helps Reliance hold a major stake in Addverb Technologies.

Addverb Technologies is a leading software development company that provides innovative software development services to clients across industries, including telecom, banking and insurance, oil and gas, retail, e-commerce, and transportation. The acquisition strengthens Reliance’s presence in the outsourcing market and widens its reach to new geographies. The company will also give Reliance Industries subsidiaries more money and resources to help them grow their businesses.

What this means for Addverb Technologies and its customers

The recent acquisition by Reliance Industries Ltd. (RIL) of a majority stake in Addverb Technologies Ltd. First and foremost, it gives RIL a strong foothold in the fast-growing field of artificial intelligence (AI).

The acquisition also underscores RIL’s commitment to expanding its existing businesses. ADVB is one of the leading providers of AI solutions to the financial services and insurance sectors. This means that RIL now has access to a wide range of innovative technologies that can be used to improve the customer experience and drive down operating costs.

Overall, this acquisition shows that RIL is serious about advancing its own business interests and those of its customers. It will now be able to offer even better solutions at lower costs than before, making it an even more formidable competitor in the marketplace.

In a major development for the Indian tech scene, Reliance Industries has acquired Addverb Technologies. This acquisition gives Reliance a strong foothold in the cloud-based B2B software delivery market and strengthens its position as one of India’s leading technology companies. With this acquisition, Reliance joins forces with Addverb’s established customers and technologies, giving it an edge over its rivals. With the help of Addverb, Reliance will be able to meet the growing demand in India and around the world for new and customized software delivery solutions.

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