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The Peruvian coast has been ravaged by an oil leak caused by a tsunami that struck near Tonga.

A tsunami-triggered oil spill off the coast of Peru has destroyed two beaches and contaminated two kilometers of the central coast. The incident took place off the southern tip of the country on January 16, and the crude was being emptied from a ship that was unloading it for a refinery owned by Repsol. The Ministry of Environment in Lima is in charge of the clean-up and restoration process.

The oil spill was triggered by the eruption of a volcano near the island of Tonga, which caused waves to break and disrupt the refinery’s operation. Several oil companies have been fined, and the Peruvian government is calling the disaster an ecological disaster. It is not clear who is responsible for the oil spill, but residents in the Ventanilla district have recorded videos of the destruction and the deaths of seabirds. According to Christel Scheske, a conservation specialist and member of the Peruvian Society of Environmental Law, the heavy metals that were emitted from the crude oil will stay in the ecosystem for years, affecting the entire marine food chain.

Hundreds of fishermen have rallied in Peru, claiming that the oil spill has affected their livelihoods and caused severe damage. Local fishermen and their families are demanding compensation from Repsol. The foreign ministry has demanded that the Spanish oil company pay for the damages incurred by the incident and compensate the affected communities. The foreign ministry has also called for the government to impose a fine on the company.

The Peruvian government is demanding international assistance in the clean-up efforts following the massive oil spill. The volcanic ash has caused widespread devastation and hindered international relief efforts. Environmental groups have criticized the response to the disaster, and the Foreign Minister is demanding compensation from Repsol for the damage. However, the company has refused to remove the crude from the water.

The Italian shipping company Repsol has confirmed that an underwater pipeline ruptured in Tonga. The crew of the oil tanker immediately shut off valves and notified the authorities. The situation has also made the country’s climate vulnerable to a future earthquake or volcanic eruption. It’s still unclear whether the eruption will cause more earthquakes.

A tsunami triggered by a tsunami in Tonga has already caused an oil spill near the island nation. The disaster has also damaged some houses in Tonga. A New Zealand defense force surveillance plane has returned to the country to assess the situation. Its footage showed ash-covered land. Its news channel, Kaniva Tonga, reported that a volcano was erupting near Tonga and that the resulting waves were causing the ash to flow into the sea.

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