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Tesla’s Passenger Play Probe Is Under Investigation by Safety Regulators.

US auto safety regulators have asked Tesla Inc. for more information about the features of its new models that allow drivers to play games on the front center touchscreen of the vehicle. The company said the games were designed to be safe and will stop allowing people to play them while driving, but regulators are still investigating whether the feature is actually a danger. An investigation is being conducted after multiple accidents were linked to this feature. The vehicles also contain sensors that could detect when a driver may be distracted while driving.

The NHTSA began its investigation after receiving reports of 11 accidents involving Tesla cars in early 2018. The crashes involved emergency vehicles and one fatality. The automaker has since issued a software update that makes the “Passenger Play” feature unusable in motion. The investigation is ongoing, and Tesla has not responded to observer requests for additional details. However, the company has told the NHTSA that it will stop allowing games on its front center touchscreen in its cars.

US auto safety regulators have asked Tesla for information about the drive game functionality in the cars it regulates. The new feature allows owners to play games in their vehicles even when they are in motion. The feature was only available when the vehicle was parked and not in use. The NHTSA wants to assess whether the feature is truly safe and if it should be banned. The NHTSA says it is reviewing the issue and will make a decision on a recall soon.

The NHTSA has asked Tesla for information regarding the drive game feature in its vehicles. The automaker has denied the allegations. The NHTSA will review the models from 2017 to 2022, but the agency did not give any specific details. The probe covers all Tesla models with the “Passenger Play” feature installed. In addition, it will also ask for crash reports for the features if there are any.

US auto safety regulators are also examining a number of other concerns. The automaker has agreed to disable the feature in its models if it can’t be deemed safe. The regulators also said the games are not a safety hazard and are an integral part of the car. This is a big concern for drivers. The US government is conducting a formal probe into the play feature in cars.

US auto safety regulators are asking for information from Tesla about the video game feature in its vehicles. The agency has also asked the automaker why it doesn’t have to conduct a recall for its vehicles without a safety-related software update. The reason for this is that the software could cause distractions while driving. It is therefore a safety concern. The NHTSA has asked the automaker to recall the cars that have the problem.

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