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Snowstorms in California bring freezing temperatures that force people to stay indoors.

As a major arctic blast hits the western U.S. this week, the temperatures in the Pacific Northwest and the Deep South are expected to plummet, with Seattle and Bellingham being the most affected by heavy snowfall. Portland, Oregon, is also expected to see temperatures that may break records in the next few days. In northern Nevada, Interstate 80 was closed because of poor visibility, while the state’s largest airport, Harry Reid International Airport, was closed due to a lack of flights.

Throughout the western U.S., key highways were closed by icy snow. The arctic blast brought freezing temperatures to parts of the Pacific Northwest and the Mountain West. in defiance of the cold, regions of Texas and the Southeast had exceptionally warm temperatures. The University of California, Berkeley’s Central Sierra Snow Laboratory announced that Donner Pass has beaten the 1970 report for the quantity of snow collected there.

A strong cold break out hit the Northwest and California. The temperatures were so low that some key highways were closed and emergency warming shelters were opened. In the western United States, temperatures dropped into the teens, while in the south, the temperatures were unusually warm. The frigid blast was expected to linger for many days, according to forecasters. However, the arctic blast did not affect the Central Coast, which is still experiencing high heat.

There were several areas throughout the nation where crisis aid shelters were necessary. The arctic blast is expected to continue through the day and even a few days, making it hard for people to travel. While California and the Pacific Northwest were hit by blizzards, the cold temperatures in the rest of the U.S. were not quite as severe. In fact, temperatures in the northern and southern parts of the region were at normal levels.

The arctic blast is also causing a snowstorm in the Pacific Northwest, freezing the weather and closing key highways. A missing skier was last seen on a lift at a Tahoe resort and was thought to have been involved in an accident. While the rain was not as bad in the rest of the state, the cold did make it hard to travel.

While the rain and snow in Southern California and the mountains of Northern California and Nevada may have caused a blizzard, the snowfall in the Pacific Northwest was a welcome change from the recent drought. While the heat of Texas and the Southeast was temporarily halted, most parts of the Southwest were still subject to freezing temperatures. Last week, the snowfall in some areas reached almost six inches.

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