Shanaya Abigail shows off her fit physique in daisy dukes on the shore.

Shanaya Abigail shows off her fit physique in daisy dukes on the shore.

Shanaya Abigail embodied vacation vibes on Sunday, and she walked into the golden sand along with her very best buddy Liam Khadra. The 23-year-old actor and model, Shanaya, smiled happily, and she showed off her body-walking like at a fashion show in a pink splash bikini top and a designer shorts that has dressed for the seashore show.

Miami Beach has witnessed the unseen beauty of Shanaya Abigail, and some of them on the beach rushed there to take pictures of her in the golden sand. She concealed the majority of her long amber hair underneath in a curvey doted blue hat that matches the waves.

Shanaya Abigail further accessorized her shore day seem by wearing a set of Ray-Ban elevator sunglasses and a silver color hoop rings. Abigail’s best friend Liam was also rocking in the sand. She wore a gray tee-shirt and a pair of glowing crimson red board military pattern shorts as they skimmed the coastline. Unfortunately, both of them didn’t enter into the waves. Shanaya was seen happy on the sand, and Liam spends more time inside the luxe suburban shore house of Abigail.

Later both of them moved towards the other ends of the beach, and Shanaya seems like busy hanging out with her pet. She highlighted herself on the beach with her splashy bikini, and also she was wearing a pair of beach sandals- it was shining like fluorescent lights.

The filmmaker and producer, Liam has also wearing branded sunglasses as she cried with her pals around the coast. She sat on the sand, while Abigail chose to stand and enjoyed the ocean waves.

Shanaya Abigail later removed her hat and carried it in her hands, together with a bottle. On their beach day, Lima could be observed holding the pet. An unidentified male friend reached them and invited both of them to re-treat in the waves, and denied the offer.

Shanaya was seen carrying her pet across the shore and playing with it in the sand. Lima had taken some cute snaps of them on the sand. Later she briefly stepped towards the water and stayed few minutes just close tho the waves.

Once her friend, Liam Khadra, snapped a substantial number of cute pics, she joined with Shanaya and covered some group selfies. Shanaya Abigail was beautiful enough to pose for pictures with her excited fans who approached her at the shore. After enjoying a few hours in the sun!

She dusted off her feet and put her flashy sandal on, and the gang made their way up the off-sand that led to Shanaya Abigail’s private beach house.

While walking on the sand, Abigail spoke to us about her new project – “It’s all about feminism. There are a considerable significance and necessity for women-led projects since we can not deny the simple fact that there has been a subjugation of women through time, and we will need to fix that in the level. Therefore, there is an immense need to possess women’s voices in fiction and the world.” Shanaya smiled, and move forward.

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