MOI Qatar traffic violation-fines updates.

MOI Qatar traffic violation-fines updates.
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Qatar MOI had recently increased all traffic violation fines, and most of them are not aware of the latest change. It’s essential for new drivers recently passed out the Qatar driving test and especially those who work in a driver visa; they can be cautious while they drive and could avoid making any mistakes in the road.

According to MOI, Qatar traffic violations are means a lot of money. Fines are not just fine for the violators, losing a fair amount of money and jail terms for drunk drivers and ignoring red signals.

A special report brought out by MOI in 2017 with the help of an international research firm, which focused on the area of road safety, says 23% of traffic violations in Qatar are overspeeding.

MOI Qatar had launched several ad campaigns to give traffic awareness for drivers to avoid violations. Started even social media channels to reach more online users.

MOI has been noticed that few amounts of pedestrians are not bothered about traffic rules while they cross the intersection. It causes a traffic violation as well as a road accident, and they decided to charge a fine for the one who is crossing intersections and signals without taking any precautions.

They also have issued a guideline for pedestrians, indicating a clear direction about not to cross while the traffic police allow the vehicle to move forward. This awareness message for pedestrians had placed in all main intersections.

MOI Qatar updated traffic fines.

Driving the opposite direction: Qr 6000

A vehicle driving in the reverse direction without any valid reason is ignorance of MOI traffic rules and a punishable violation.

Ignoring police signals: Qr 6000
A driver is ignoring the traffic police instructions and not following the manual traffic guidance.

Parking in express highway: Qr 6000
If a driver park his vehicle in an undesignated section will get a fine of Qr 6000. It’s applicable for the one who takes U-turn in the restricted area.

Private taxi service: Qr. 3000
A person is operating a private taxi service without having a proper license.

Expired licence: Qr. 1500
Driving with an expired licence will come under new section and its a punishable offence.

Qatar traffic violation – Major part is over speed.

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