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Is Biden losing his hold?

When he was first nominated for president, Joe Biden appeared to be the perfect choice to reboot America. Democrats’ hopes were high, and their expectations soared when they won the Senate in November. However, a variety of issues have left Americans dissatisfied, including the underlying structural problems that have left a nation deeply divided and unsatisfied. These include racism that is rampant and threatening democracy, corporate money saturating much of the political process, and the deadly Delta variant of the Covid virus, among others.

One of the most prominent problems facing Biden is his lack of leadership ability. His approval rating is still down significantly from two months ago, but it’s clear that it will be difficult for him to regain lost support. While his approval rating has stabilized in the mid-to-low 40s, this doesn’t mean he’ll rebound soon. Rather, it’s important to note that his ratings are influenced by a narrow set of issues, including his record on the war in Afghanistan and his standing on important issues.

Furthermore, they blame him for the rise of inflation. As a result, the drop in his job approval is not coincidental. The poll shows that the economy is in a bad state, and many blame Biden for this. The same is true for the presidential poll, with Obama getting 45% approval and Trump receiving 53%.

The decline in Biden’s job approval follows the recent decline in the president’s popularity among 18- to 29-year-olds, which is the same as that seen in April. The same group is dissatisfied with the direction of the country, with a majority of respondents saying that he is not doing their job well. Despite this, they are still dissatisfied with his leadership.

Independents also disapprove of Biden. While only a slight majority of American voters say they approve of Biden’s performance, a majority of those surveyed say they disapprove of his leadership skills and are dissatisfied with his policies. Those in the Republican Party, who would vote against Joe’s policies, are not pleased with their president’s performance. Even more, Republicans are disapproving of his handling of the economy, while a significant percentage of independents are disapproving of him.

The economy is another area that the vice president is disliking. This is an alarming number. This trend has led to Biden losing support among independents. This suggests that independents are unhappy with Biden’s performance in dealing with the economy.

While Biden’s approval rating is largely polarized by party, it is a wide swath of Americans who disapprove of his job performance. In fact, his disapproval is even higher among Democrats. On the other hand, younger people are more likely to approve of him, with only 9% of them strongly disapproving of his performance. Moreover, bipartisan are disapproving of their candidate for more than half the country.

The economy is a major reason why many Americans are dissatisfied with Biden. While a recent survey conducted by Marist Institute for Public Opinion found that Biden has a 42% approval rating, a third of Republicans and independents disapprove of him. The intensity of disapproval is 38%, which is almost the same as that of President Donald Trump. This is why the disapproval numbers are alarming.

The disapproval rating among Democrats is 76%, while the disapproval rate among Republicans is only 38%. Despite the deep partisan divide, it is still possible to boost Biden’s approval rating by focusing on his policies that benefit both parties. Regardless of the underlying partisanship of the United States, Biden’s job performance is likely to be defined by two major issues: the economy and the coronavirus pandemic.

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