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Everything You Need For Completing An Online DNP Program

Remote learning is slowly becoming an extremely popular choice for students, especially on the back of the last year or so. For all the nurses out there who want to push themselves forwards and progress with a DNP, your time is precious and you don’t have time to be thinking about what you need before you can get started with your online program. Below is an overview of the most essential things you need to make it through your DNP program, with a couple of extras thrown in there for extra measure.

One of the reasons that remote learning is slowly becoming an extremely popular choice for students is because it’s a great way to save time. With technology, we now have the ability to learn from anywhere in the world. This has helped make it an extremely popular choice for students because it allows them to take their studies with them wherever they go. Additionally, remote learning also offers the opportunity for independent study.

Remote learning is slowly becoming an extremely popular choice for students, especially in the last year or so. Many businesses and schools have seen the advantage it has over traditional methods of tuition and has taken steps to incorporate it into their programs. In many cases, remote learning doesn’t require students to be in the same place as the instructor; they can access the material from anywhere in the world.

This is one of the reasons that it has become such a popular choice for students. While there are many benefits to remote learning, it does come with its own set of risks. For example, if a student fails to receive their materials or communication from the instructor, they may find it difficult to complete their coursework. Additionally, if an instructor is unable to provide support for a remote student due to geographic reasons, this can also lead to difficulties completing their coursework. However, these risks can be easily overcome by using a trusted remote learning provider who is experienced in running online courses. Overall, students who want an affordable and flexible way to learn are slowly but surely turning to remote learning more and more.

In recent years, remote learning has slowly but surely been making its way into the education market. Originally used for expert delivery or for high-stakes testing, it is now being used by many students to get a degree from around the globe. One main reason for this is that it is much more affordable than traditional educational methods. Plus, there are no geographical boundaries to prevent students from taking classes they would not be able to attend in person.


It is very likely that you will be attending your nursing classes by video conferencing whilst you study one of the DNP programs, so you need to ensure you have a stable internet connection which you most likely have already, with it being 2021. However, if you need some support getting your Wi-Fi up and running, we’ve got your back.

The strongest internet connection you will get at home is through an ethernet cable because you’re getting raw data straight from the hub, so try and set up your workspace within easy reach. We all know that isn’t always practical, and you’ll likely be relying on Wi-Fi. You can generally get a good signal through your Wi-Fi, depending on your package and ISP, but it can be very temperamental, and you can often find internet dead zones in the house.

Solving a dead zone is relatively easy these days, and there are two options. You can invest in an ethernet extender, which runs the signal through your house’s wiring and out through another ethernet cable across the house. Alternatively, you can invest in a wireless access point that boosts your Wi-Fi signal throughout the house.

Computer Equipment

Next, you’re going to need some good quality computer gear otherwise you won’t even be able to get online. The majority of people have access to a laptop or desktop computer, but you need to ensure it can cope with the demands of the course. You need to consider the requirements of the course and what functions your computer needs to carry out. Does it purely need to conference call and word process? Do you need any specialist tools? What’s your expected participation? Will you need a powerful computer when your course finishes?

As you’re studying for a DNP, the work is likely to be completed via word-processed projects and online seminars.

Calling Gadgets

To access remote seminars and join in with video conferencing, you’re going to need a good quality webcam with a high resolution, a microphone, and some speakers. The majority of laptops already come with a webcam, but the quality can be low. If you want to achieve a crystal-clear image, you will need to invest in a separate webcam. As for microphones and speakers, your inbuilt system should be adequate but if you want to keep noise out, invest in a decent headset.

Storage Space

Throughout your DNP program, you will be completing numerous valuable projects that you will need to keep safe. The best way to do this is to back your work up in case anything happens to your computer. If you want to be extra secure, you can consider emailing a copy of your work to yourself. For around $50 you can nab yourself a 1TB hard drive, which will be more than enough to hold your assignments.


You’re going to have some considerable research to do that can be difficult to read from a computer screen because of the glare. It might not be the most exciting piece of tech, but you should consider investing in a good-quality eReader. This tech is designed to protect your eyes from glare, is convenient as it can be read anywhere, and will give you the power to store all the books you could need; gone are the days of intimidating stacks of books.

Comforting Things

Sitting down at a computer for a long time puts strain on our body, and if we’re not careful we can end up in a lot of pain. Make sure that your desk is set up correctly and your chair supports your back; your arms need to be level with the keyboard and mouse. If you’re using a laptop and wish to sit down on the sofa, you should consider getting a laptop tray so that you don’t come across overheating problems. There is a wide range of laptop trays available including choices with inbuilt cooling fans. Keeping your laptop cool will prolong its life, meaning you can stay connected to your course provider for the duration.

Fitness Tracker

This one’s an added extra, but it’s important to make sure you’re getting the correct amount of exercise whilst you study. Exercising gets the blood flowing and increases brain functionality. If you’re not the type of person who keeps on top of their workouts, investing in a fitness tracker would be a great option. With a fitness band, you can keep track of your heart rate, track your steps, and monitor your sleeping pattern.

For The Notes

When attending lectures, you’re going to be frantically writing notes. Some people are okay with their notes scribbled down on paper, and some people prefer to type all of their notes (which is time-consuming). Simply jot down your notes and transfer them to your mobile device.

Embarking on your DNP program will be a daunting journey and you’re likely to feel uneasy. Knowing how to get connected, keep connected, and ensure your work is safe and sound will hopefully put your mind at ease. The most important things to invest in are a strong Wi-Fi connection, quality calling devices, and a capable laptop.

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