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Drones Seen Over Nuclear Power Plants in Sweden are still being sought.

There have been reports of mystery drones being spotted over nuclear plants in Sweden. Police have started an investigation after two rogue aircraft were seen flying over Forsmark nuclear power plant in the country’s northwest. The authorities have since switched their focus to determining whether the rogue drones were part of a military operation or not. A police helicopter was also spotted following the rogue drone.

The security service Sapo says the drones have been spotted over nuclear plants since at least January and maybe the work of anti-nuclear pressure groups. The skepticism stems from the fact that protesters have often broken into nuclear facilities to highlight the “risks” of such activities. Greenpeace, which has a long history of drone incidents, broke into one of the Swedish nuclear plants in 2012 to gain publicity for its efforts.

So far, four nuclear sites in Sweden have been targeted, including the Forsmark nuclear plant, which provides 14% of the country’s electricity. The police initially said the drones were circling two of the plants, but later said that they had spotted three other drones near the Ringhals power plant, the country’s largest.

After the mysterious drones were spotted, Sweden’s intelligence agency took over preliminary investigations. The military had already been alerted about the mysterious flights but had lost track of them. The unidentified drones flew over a police helicopter at an altitude of 1000 meters and circled the government buildings in Stockholm, Lulea, and Kiruna and it departed after being spotted moving eastward.

The police have not yet identified who is behind the mysterious UAV sightings. The Swedish National Operations Authority has launched an official probe to determine who is behind the unidentified drones over the country’s nuclear power plants. In the meantime, the coastguard and police are searching for the unknown drones in the waters around Stockholm.

Its have triggered questions about security at Swedish nuclear plants. The country relies on nuclear energy to generate electricity. The safety of the reactors has been compromised by the unauthorized presence of drones has been a source of concern for the public. The authorities are attempting to determine who is responsible for the unusual activity, but they have not ruled out any specific motives.

The drones are not authorized to fly over the power plant. It is a commercial drone and is believed to be a spying device. In addition to surveillance, spy drones may be a surveillance tool, allowing someone to monitor and record the nuclear plants in real-time.

It’s unclear who is behind the drones incidents, but it’s a good idea to be vigilant about unidentified objects that are spotted over strategic infrastructure. It is always possible that they are not a threat to the environment. However, surveillance can help protect the citizens and the public. This is a great way to prevent terrorists from using drones.

The latest drone spotted over Swedish nuclear plants is accompanied by reports of suspicious activity at government buildings and parliament. In addition to the nuclear plants, unidentified drones were also spotted near airports in Lulea and Kiruna.

Despite the unidentified drones, officials in Sweden have warned that the activity is not in any way related to the Russian military. In a statement on its website, the group said the drones were launched to warn of Russian submarines in the area. It has also been reported that the drones reportedly carried out the mission of activists who were against the nuclear plant.

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