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Dambulla Cave Temple has many things to explore and experiment with. 

The caves of the Dambulla Cave Temple were formed from a single rock and are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It was originally built in the ninth century and is home to the oldest and most beautiful Buddhist artwork in the world.

The caves are built on top of a hillock, making access to them very difficult. This site contains a huge number of murals and original paintings, many of which are fascinating and full of intriguing stories. You should make time to visit the Dambulla Cave Temple and be sure to pack plenty of water for your hike up the hills.

A statue of the deity Saman is also located in the temple. While the caves are not very large, they are still very beautiful. There is a lot to see. You can spend hours exploring the various temples and shrines at this incredible site. It’s an experience you won’t forget. And you can’t miss the amazing views from the top of the rock fortress!

Before you visit the Dambulla Cave Temple, be sure to wear sturdy shoes. You’ll be walking on hot stones for the rest of the day. And remember to wear comfortable clothing. There’s no entrance fee.

The temple is comprised of five caves. These caves were built during the Polonnaruwa and Anuradhapura periods. The temples are located on a gentle slope of the rock and offer panoramic views of the flat land. Towards dusk, hundreds of swallows flock to the Cave Temple. A lion-like symbol of Buddha, the lion’s head is depicted on the ceiling.

Its famous murals depict Buddha, the king, and other sacred figures. The interior of the caves is decorated with paintings of Buddha and Sinhala. Among the other treasures at the site are several eerie statues. The most impressive one is the golden temple, which stands 160m high and is a symbol of wealth.

The cave temple is accessible year-round. The cave temple is about half an hour’s walk from the center of the town. A car or bus service can take you there in about four minutes. During the day, the weather is hot and humid, so it is wise to dress warmly and wear comfortable shoes. There is no shelter inside the caves, so tourists are advised to dress in layers and bring raincoats.

The caves are accessible to tourists year-round. During the winter, the weather is cool and comfortable, but it can be chilly in the summer.

The first cave in the temple is the main image of Buddha. The second cave is smaller, but the statue of Buddha is the same size as the one in the first cave. The statue is thirty feet long and has a friendly face. The other seven caves are smaller but still life-sized. The colors of the statues vary, but the most prominent are yellow. The last two are in red robes, but they are less grand.

The Dambulla-gala is the main temple. The main room has four Buddha images in sitting positions. The northern rocks are believed to represent Kakusanda, Konagama, and Kassapa. It is open to visitors but not accessible to children. The Dambulla-gala is located in the southern corner of the cave. In the south, it is the Maharaja Viharaya.

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