A recent study says Artificial Intelligence could take over 2.3 million American jobs by 2022.

A recent study says Artificial Intelligence could take over 2.3 million American jobs by 2022.
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As per the latest study done by a NY-based research firm forecast, over 2.3 million jobs could replace artificial intelligence in the United States.

AI is developed as the future of the work, and the sky is the limit. It is sure it has gained entry in almost every sector. As we know, artificial intelligence is started using to create content, in the same way, the human does. It helps people to meet the needs. It may not produce a creative output as a human does, but to a certain extent, it helps.

Medical imaging analysis is another growing sector where artificial intelligence takes care of a major job. Many experts agree that AI has more accuracy than a human in analyzing medical images; it keeps increasing the demand for AI in the health care industry.

The IT industry has to change the perspective towards the work culture; next is the exploitation of artificial intelligence. Employes and companies should have prepared for the future and ready to meet the challenge.

AI will be an added advantage for the existing technology and skills. This extraordinary supplement will make work easy. Updating yourself and getting maximum benefits out of it will an intelligent way of working in the coming future.

The study reveals both aspects of the updated technology, as one side of the AI is helping to make work faster with a less human touch, and the other side showcases the picture of how it’s going to affect the job sector. As the report showed, 2.3 million job replacement is in the coming year, and the figure could go higher with in the next ten years.

Sophia Isabella, a content developer from Auburn, says – “after the pandemic, most of the companies facing significant challenges to overcome the situation, some found having automation technology can sustain the financial stability by replacing the expansive human writers. If the midsize companies would follow these steps, then it causes up to 65% job losses in the content writing sector.”

However, some industry experts have an opinion in another way around; instead of negatively thinking about the usage of machine intelligence to make your work easy and fast. You can produce more work with an effective team.

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