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A woman in Miami set fire to the house while their children were inside.

A man attempting to rescue his children in South Florida was severely burned while attempting to do so. His wife, Tamika Amanda Dorsett, had set fire to the house while their children were inside. The frantic effort to save the children and a construction worker was witnessed by neighbors and bystanders. The father suffered serious burns to his arms, chest, and face. A second family member was also injured while saving the life of another. The suspect has been charged with arson and felony criminal mischief. Dorsett was arrested for allegedly setting fire to her house while inside with her family.

Initially, the fire began in a second-floor bedroom, but it swiftly spread throughout the whole home. When the blaze broke out, there were three children in the home, one of whom was her son. Miami Fire Rescue was able to save all of the people who were inside. A preliminary investigation is underway, but it remains unclear what motivated the woman to commit such a crime. As a result of the blaze, the woman has been kept under police custody and is being held on accusations of first-degree arson and serious violence.

Police are still investigating the cause of the fire, but it’s clear that Tamika Dorsett is suspected of committing the crime. A surveillance video captured the incident. The women are seen on video pouring lighter fluid onto the front porch and setting fire to the Miami home. The fire also burned two cars outside the home. 

During the early morning hours, three Miami residents were sleeping in a burning house. The flames spread quickly through the house. Three children were rescued by firefighters. One of the two girls, an 11-year-old boy, was saved from the fire by a firefighter. The other occupants of the home were killed. A third person was injured in the incident. This is a very rare situation.

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