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Joe Biden was caught on camera cursing a reporter while using a handheld microphone.


Joe Biden was caught cursing a reporter on a hot mic during a recent event. He was speaking with reporters in the East Room of the White House, and when the reporter, Peter Doocy, asked him a question about inflation, the president responded with an obscenity. Then, he called the reporter a “stupid son of a b—” on the hot mic. Afterward, Doocy contacted Biden on the phone, claiming the call was pleasant.

In a subsequent phone call, Doocy, a Fox News reporter, accused Biden of calling the reporter a “stupid son of a bitch” and “dumb as a sack.” The two men apologized for their actions, but Doocy went on to tell Sean Hannity about the incident. The White House did not respond to a request for comment, but Fox News pointed Reuters to Doocy’s original interview, in which Biden called Doocy.

Whether Biden was being sarcastic or just trying to get the media to take him seriously is unclear. The President has a history of cursing, and a report published Tuesday showed that the vice president made a vulgar comment about a reporter. He redirected the competition council, which focuses on changing regulations and enforcement to protect consumers. However, after his remarks, reporters started shouting questions at him, which escalated the situation. One of the reporters, Peter Doocy of Fox News, asked Biden if inflation was a political liability. As a result, Biden replied with a sarcastic, vulgar phrase.

In addition to cursing the reporter on the hot mic, the Vice President also used the word “inflation” to describe a reporter at a news conference on Monday. The reporter, Steve Doocy, asked a question about whether he considered the high price of food and gasoline to be a political liability. The Vice President responded by saying that the question was “a political liability” and compared it to “a bluffing reporter.”

While the President may not have been referring to the reporter in this specific case, his remarks were not surprising. The president has a history of adversarial exchanges with Doocy, and it was no surprise that he called Doocy on the hot mic. Doocy’s son, Steve Doocy, has repeatedly attacked the former vice president on the hot mic.

The President made the vulgar comment as he spoke in the East Room of the White House during a meeting of the Competition Council, which focuses on changing laws and regulations to help consumers. While he was trying to address questions about the Competition Council, he appeared to be talking to himself when he was asked about inflation, which was clearly not the intention of the presser. After the reporter’s question, Biden sounded a vulgar phrase at him.

While the President has tried to minimize the impact of his comments on the economy, his words may have had more impact on the economy. The words he used in that heated conversation were “Stop and Cure,” and he meant “I don’t care about that.” The official readout did not contain any curses, but he did not shed any light on the latest developments in the region.

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