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Erika Wulff has been in trouble after a domestic abuse case was filed.


Erika Wulff, the wife of Infowars founder Alex Jones, was arrested on Christmas Eve after an argument with her husband. She has been booked into the Austin jail and is facing misdemeanor charges of assault, resisting arrest, and domestic violence. Neither her husband nor her attorney has commented on the charge. Earlier, Erika claimed that the incident was the result of a medication imbalance, but police said that she was not intoxicated and did not know she was under the influence of alcohol.

Erika Wulff was taken into custody by sheriff’s deputies. She faces two misdemeanor charges: assault and resisting arrest. Her bond has not been set yet, and the arrest was made in Austin. Erika Wulff’s husband did not elaborate on the incident, but he said it was related to her new medication.

The arrest came as a surprise to fans of the talk show host. Her arrest came as a complete surprise. She was photographed sporting long eyelashes, manicured eyebrows, and highlighted hair. Around 8:45 p.m. On Friday, Erika Wulff Jones was booked into the Travis County jail on misdemeanor charges of assault and resisting arrest. The couple has not yet been granted a bond. Her husband and attorneys have declined to respond to the case.

She is currently being held at the Travis County jail on charges of assault, resisting arrest, and domestic violence. She has not yet posted a bond. Her husband did not comment on the incident but did say she was taking medication that day. The incident was caused by the medication, not her husband. A statement from the singer and the TV host’s lawyer did not immediately respond to a request for the current status.

Sheriff’s deputies took Erika Wulff-Jones into custody on Friday evening. She has been charged with misdemeanor charges of assault and resisting arrest, but she has not yet been released on bail. The incident has been the focus of speculation for some time and has not been resolved. Despite the legal implications, the couple is still separating, and the husband is concerned about Erika’s well-being. The couple’s marriage is reportedly undergoing a divorce, and they have yet to decide whether to divorce.

The incident is a serious setback to the couple’s relationship. The pair had a heated argument on Thursday night, but the news was still a shock for the couple. The couple has two young sons and a daughter. The pair have been married for about six years and have four children. The former is reportedly “in love,” but he has yet to meet his wife. The two are “just friends,” but the relationship isn’t perfect.

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