Why does Trump want to ban WeChat?

Why does Trump want to ban WeChat?

America wants to ban the Chinese mobile app WeChat, considerably putting pressure on the Communists nation. But what’s WeChat, and why is it controversial? President Trump declared a permanent ban note for the app within the nation.

The famous Chinese messaging app is used throughout the Chinese youth exodus but might be unknown outside of those circles. WeChat has good demand in its origin country and Singapour 90 percent of mobile users are using it in China.

WeChat is another social media platform mainly used to send messages to its members, usages the same as Facebook, Hi5, Instagram, and several other apps all at one time. For people that are Chinese, WeChat is an app for getting in touch with friends and relatives. The China government had gained a significant stake after its successful launch.

WeChat app has developed by Tencent, game designers, and mobile apps developers to operate its business from China. According to the latest report, WeChat has nearly 1.2 billion registered users.

The developers have released the app without showcasing the user’s location, but social media researchers say most of the app users are Chinese speakers. Chinese President Xi Jinping has a particular interest in the app since its creation in 2011.

WeChat’s Chinese users have more functions in the app. It’s available in English and Chines language, but some features are not available in English users. While in America, you can hail a taxi, play mini-games, article to a”story” and send cash.

By comparison in China, where stores often accept WeChat Purchase as a kind of payment, and QR codes are over towns.

Using WeChat in China, users can book a restaurant, pay utility bills, locate your favorite drinks place, get a consultation from a doctor; you can also do a bank transaction and much more!

Trump initiated to execute the new executive order issued for the ban TikTok and WeChat. The usages of both China-based mobile apps are illegal in the USA, and they have 45 days grace period for the parent company to sell their ownership to new management.

The new executive order about usages of WeChat in the United States is subjected to US law, and any business alliance and transaction made by a person or a firm would become under it.

Recently the Indian Government had been banned 59 chines origin mobile apps due to security reasons. It includes TikTok and WeChat; these Chines apps are failed to score the security measures and found the users’ data have been sharing without their concerns.

WeChat app ban in the United States is part of a movement that prevents public data pishing and wants to stop the Chinese apps dominant presence in the American market. According to a reliable source from Washington, the new movement against the Chinese apps is following a reaction about the Covid-19 origin.

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