Why does Trump want to ban WeChat?

Why does Trump want to ban WeChat?
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America wants to ban the controversial mobile app WeChat, which is based in China, and Trump has declared a permanent ban, putting pressure on the country. Many people have spoken out about the ban, discussions have heavily taken place on social media, but one thing that stands out is that his counterattackers backed him up in the move. WeChat is disputable?

WeChat is one of the top mobile apps in the entertainment category. It has a vast youngster’s user base because of its video chat function. It has 704 million users in China, and 90% of smartphone users had downloaded it in Singapour.

WeChat had been associated with mobile manufacturers and has invested millions of dollars in securing a spot for their widgets. The prototypical marketing strategy demanded the app within the country, and it helped reach international users.

Nowadays, many apps are available on mobile phones for social networking, microblogging, and photo sharing. Wechat is just one of them. The app’s global acceptance has piqued the Chinese Government’s interest, and they now have a compelling and manageable stake in it.

Tencent Technologies, a Beijing-based IT firm, brought out the WeChat messaging platform, which has 1.2 billion registered users worldwide.

Indian military intelligence has done a cybersecurity study, and they have submitted a report to the Government. It has revealed a list of mobile apps that steal personal and sensitive information from users, potentially causing problems. Wechat is one of the ones in the lineup.

More than finding a chatting partner, WeChat offers exclusive benefits to its native users. For them, the primary advantage of the app is that it is available in the Chinese language. For them, it is a trusted platform to make online payments.

Following the release of the intelligence report, the Indian Government issued a guard alert and banned 52 China-based mobile apps that posed security risks to their users. Including WeChat.

After the WeChat blockade in India, the Trump administration came forward to secure US-based users’ privacy and confidential data stored on the phone. 

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