Sofia Vergara wanted the forest days back.

Sofia Vergara wanted the forest days back.
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Actress and public service activist Sofia Vergara desires a cease to climate diverge; at this time, she has brought into a fight against it.

A recent update shows that her interest in nature care does not stop her from only posting awareness messages; She has donated to Share and Care, an organization to take care of trees and forests.

Vergara often makes the headlines for granting contributions to her fascinating interests and sheer support for human health care and child education.


Paul Culas, the NGO’s chairperson, has recently enacted a campaign to establish their objective of growing forests to reinstate a better life for everyone and has begun collecting contributions to achieving his vision. Vergara did a considerable aid to sustain the drive and the amount was not revealed at either end.

One dollar to plant a tree. That’s the big idea to make it a success even with small contributions. The NGO behind this initiative is planning to spread the campaign idea at every campus. They think student volunteers can quickly access more people with the same interest.

A well-known furniture brand proposed Vergara a few years ago with a sensible offer to become its brand ambassador. She regretted it because of the company’s philosophy of cutting trees to make their products.


Vergara advised design professionals to come up with innovative and creative ideas that could be a substitute for wood-based households, such as furniture, doors, windows, and roofing. Some of it has alternatives but needs more thinking about this. She also appreciated the product developer who made chairs with bamboo sticks.

Vergara made public her intention to care about mother nature in an event followed by her first film release. Global warming was her foremost intense concern to talk about. Forestry is a fraction of it. Since today, she retains her promise and shows her support on all possible occasions. She also correlated with NGOs with her interest.

Sunny Leone, a film professional and philanthropist, has also come out with a comparable perspective about massively destroying the rainforest. She alligated that the one responsible for protecting trees is behind the wood robbers; she also demands a solid legislative implementation to put them behind the bar.


According to Paul, the fundraising program to improve human lives was very successful, and donations came from celebrities, football players, industrialists, and activists. Donations are collected from school students as well.

“People should come forward to be part of this initiative. We all need nature; every once, little effort can make a difference for our nature”. He said.

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