The aged population is the real challenge for China.

The aged population is the real challenge for China.
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Image credits: Manfred Gottschalk / Getty Images

Controlling the population is the biggest challenge for China, and they had come out with a strategic plan called One-Child-China. It could prevent population growth to a certain extend. Now China has found another issue is – aged population.

China’s One-Child policy gained worldwide attention and received mixed responses with positive and negative approaches. Later the government has rolled back and allowed to have two children with conditions.

The latest study has done by an economic organization revealed the challenging issue for China is the old age population.

According to Mr. Zhiwei Zhang, While we addressing this issue we have two aspects into consideration. Obviously, the first point is to relax the birth control and the second option is fully dependent on the first. From an economic perspective, the best way to deal with it is – build an environment that depends on each other.

China’s business sector is mainly dependent on manufacturing and exporting units; those are the economy’s backbone. The fundamental parameter to map this growth is well connected with China’s cost-effective labor system. The aged population can’t contribute much to the production line, and it draws a drop line in the economic growth. Most of the industrialist and investment consultants are waiting for the changes in the capital-intensive sector.

If China couldn’t have control over the national population, by the next 30 years it will touch 1.4 billion. It will be more than 4 times of American population.



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