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Talibanistan, what’s next?

After the Afghanistan government had put down the gun, the Taliban militant group merged the administrative power toward them and placed their militants in key positions. Many reports have illustrated the militants’ approach towards women and the human rights violations against them.

The world is watching thoughtfully, and many are concerned about the future of women and children in Afghanistan. They have been facing a challenging life since the Taliban gained power over the federal system in many prominent parts of the nation.

Above ten years old, young girls were forcefully taken to the camp for the flesh trade. Drug trade and flush rental was the primary source of income for the militant group.

They have until then instructed radio stations to play religious chants instead of playing music. Shaving off the beard is a punishable offense, and the verdict will be 100 lashes.

A mass of innocent civilians has enacted a stampede to save their lives. The airport was flooded with panicked people, and the BBC released footage exposing many had adhered onto the exterior of an evacuation aircraft, and a few had dropped down during the take-off.

Asian women who are working in the health care sector are having a tough time in Kabul. Any taxi is not willing to lift off them to the embassy or airport. Taliban militants have instructed drivers to drop off female passengers at the terror camp.

China has put forward its extensive support for the Taliban administration. The Islamic Emirates of Taliban will host many unconstitutional engagements for China. It is a naked truth that Beijing is one of the prior external fund sources for the militant group. Afgan could turn into a hub for Chinese-made harm trading for terror groups based in Asian countries, especially the one established in Pakistan.

The Taliban has issued a circular for working women about to stay at home. Even girls are not allowed to attend colleges and many are searching for the possibility to migrate to India to continue their studies.

The Taliban have brought out human rights violations that happened at the peak against children and women. A female filmmaker posted a video requesting aid for the civilians.

Few had left the country before the government fell. All major brands have been removing the female model’s images from their outdoor advertising and branding materials.

Very soon, the Taliban will take over control of airports. Diplomates and the embassy staff will be in trouble clearing out their people. Militants may be negotiated with other countries for an evacuation process.

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