Sofia Vergara – The World’s Highest-Paid TV Actresses.

Sofia Vergara – The World’s Highest-Paid TV Actresses.
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HBO’s Big Little Lies and Hulu’s Handmaid’s Tale could be winning awards, but if it comes to cash, it is about great old-fashioned broadcast tv. Ask the world TV celebrity for its sixth year in a row, Sofia Vergara.

Her Emmy-nominated function as Gloria Delgado-Pritchett accounts for about a quarter of Vergara’s earnings. At the same time, over half comes from endorsement and licensing deals with brands like Head & Shoulders, Pepsi and CoverGirl. The remaining comes from many different sources, such as shows, talent management, and brand endorsement.

She focuses on licensing prices, instead of straight endorsements. In licensing costs, she can control the item and revel in a bet in its earnings, together with a coffee maker she aided design, along with three perfumes brands she creates a line of furniture at Rooms To Go.

“Our acceptance department is a well-oiled machine,” Luis Balaguer, Vergara’s director, and business partner for more than 20 decades, reported Forbes.

“Even now, our focus is on the folks seeing Modern Family and the best way to appeal the exterior of this series.”
Vergara’s business-first mindset has set her way before her fellow celebrities in regards to earnings. With earnings of $1 million, the Big Bang Theory earnings, through the instance of Kelly Cuoco, is the Modern Family paycheck of Vergara.

However, Cuoco (No 2; $26 million) does not have nearly as numerous exemptions or licensing prices. Revenue estimates are based on interviews with business insiders and data from Nielsen, Box Office Mojo, and IMDB. All amounts are pretax.

Two of those ten highest-earning women hail from the first broadcast networks with 20-plus episodes a year. Systems require more time but using their slates that are restricted, and they could pour cash. Salaries on those shows can soar up compared with an estimated $350,000 an incident to get a number such as Big Small Lies.

The earnings of Pompeo, such as Cuoco’s, are nearly entirely from her TV projects. Her high per-episode fee enabled her to out-earn Kerry Washington (No 7$11 million), the only other Shonda Rhimes celebrity, mostly thanks to acceptance work.

Cushioned her earnings using an effort — she’s A Wrinkle in Time opening shortly, and Oceans 8 — and Kaling has started a transition into the movie. To streaming solutions, the Netflix star of House of Cards banked large for her role as Claire Underwood on among the displays to deliver titles. In the screen looking out wright has been joined by the likes of Emma Stone, Reese Witherspoon, and Nicole Kidman.

“It was that movies are the ones that were prestigious and that tv was junk food, but that is not true whatsoever.
Despite her Emmy-nominated functionality and efforts to negotiate equivalent pay, wright could not squeeze quite the half-a-million bucks per incident wages of her costar Kevin Spacey. Since small-screen casts negotiate as a group, it is simpler to locate than in the movie. On TV, most of a show’s stars, whether female or male, tend to create an identical quantity.

The difficulty is still that there are fewer celebrity roles for girls on TV to make that cash. According to a report from San Diego State University, just 42 percent of characters on tv are women or women. Only 11 percent of all apps feature casts with more female than male personalities. Fortunately, this appears to be changing as heritage series with compelling female characters such as Mariska Hargitay (No. 5; $12.5 million) on Law and Order: SVU stay popular, and broader displays such as the Priyanka Chopra (No 8$10 million)-fronted Quantico profit buzz.

As Witherspoon stated in the Emmys, “It has been an unbelievable season for women in television,” That does not appear to be changing.

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