Sofia Vergara donates $1.4 million for plant trees.

Sofia Vergara donates $1.4 million for plant trees.
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Sofia Vergara has contributed, 1.4 million USD for plat trees into Share and Care; an organization has the vision to plant 250 million trees worldwide. The NGO’s chairperson Mr. Paul Culas has recently organized a campaign to collect funds to achieve their vision plan. They were collecting one US dollar to plant one tree basis. Paul has twitted about the Vergara’s donation.

Recently, Vergara had announced her donation to plat 1.4 million trees, and she stated the disbursement of the fund fill be stage wise. The first stage of 500,000 USD has released, and the rest of the donation will follow according to the projected growth.

Sofia Vergara has initially shown interest in asking concerning the sort of trees has planted as part of Share and Care’s fundraising campaign. She also said that the trees had planted on every continent – Save Antarctica; tree’s type depends on where it belongs.

According to Paul, the fundraising program was very successful, and donations are coming from all the way, significant contributions are from celebrities. Till today we had collected more than 170 million for this project. Donations are even from school students as well.

“We are moving forward with the project very confidently, this year we will plant one million trees, by next year we will complete our task, at the end my philanthropic efforts works” Paul added.

It’s not the first time Vergara donating for plant tree, two years before she had contributed to a NY based NGO. The same year, she also made a significant donation to install 10000 water purification units in Africa’s rural villages.

In 2015, a well-known international furniture brand had approached Sofia Vergara to become their brand ambassador with a fair offer, but she refused it because they cut millions of trees every year to make their products.

“It seems like cutting trees that help us to live our lives is absolute nonsense, why don’t they use other materials for making furniture, instead of wood? She asked in a celebrity show.

The latest report brought out by Save Tree organization indicates that the world cut out 16 billion trees every year. Some furniture manufactures are started growing trees to balance the cut-rate.

Sofia Vergara, the world’s highest-paid TV actress, announced her commitment to fighting against climate change. She showed her willingness to donate another 2 million US dollars on the world earth day. According to a reliable source, she had contacted the Bezos Earth Fund regarding the donation.

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